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I've attended many courses in my related field of work, but the difference between's courses and the others are the qualified trainers and their ability to accomodate and communicate with anyone serious about learning PDR. This is a professional company with excellent communication.

Steve Lake

A.B.S. Repairs

The instructor was professional and knowledgeable. (He was) open to questions and provided constructive criticism. The one-on-one training time was excellent. I'm completely satisfied and will definitely continue to do business with

Martin Bennet

The instructor did an excellent job. He is passionate about PDR and that makes all the difference. takes good care of me. The employees are always friendly and polite.

Jason Maguire

Dent Medics, Inc.

The instructor was very thorough and adjusted the training per trainee. He stayed on track and checked for understanding. This is a great company! I'm looking forward to doing more business with you.

Phil Reyes

Color PRO is very impressive! Very helpful from sales to training!

Aaron Valentine

Fab Detailing

No company can come close to!

Derek Smith

Bumper II Bumper

When I started I couldn't do a dent and now I can. What more could I ask for. Your instructor, he's the ``master``...and I know lots of dent guys. is quality.

John Enriquez

Paint Pro’s

Everything was great. The instructor explained, guided and corrected us through the process and always with a positive tone. Before I got here, I was a little nervous, but after the first five minutes I knew it was a high-end quality company.

John Westfall

Mobile Magic

I am so glad I made the investment in time and money! I would recommend to others considering this training.

David Bible

Platinum Auto Wrx is my partner in continuing my education and getting my business up and running.

Mark Gallardo was everything I thought it would and could be. I would not hesitate to recommend to others. The instructors were great…well informed, very knowledgeable and patient. You guys are good at what you do. Keep up the good work!

Eric Williams

Pic N Choose Mobile Detail Spa

The performance of the instructor was very professional, confident and helpful. is very well run...great products, great people, easy to deal with, good company to partner with.

Jim McCoin


I would recommend this course to anyone interested in auto detailing and reconditioning. I really didn’t realize that I was doing it inefficiently!

Randy Kelley

Let It Shine! Mobile Auto Wash & Detail

The instructor's skills were first rate. He encouraged a high standard for repairing dents. I felt the staff was sincerely interested in helping me to become successful. The hospitality shown to me was deeply appreciated.

Steve Wicks

Dent Med-X

The training class was very informative, the instructor was very knowledgeable, the company was more than helpful and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you!

Jorge Guzman

Super Scrub Detailing

I had a great time during training. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about PDR. This is a well organized, professional company. The course was awesome...worth every penny.

Joel A. Johnson is simply the best at what they do!

Josh Hamilton

Auto Maven Mobile Detail

Muy buen maestro...excelente. Rightlook fue la escuela que mejor me informo de los entrenamientos.

Ricardo Sandoval

Thanks for the info. It was well worth the money! I will definitely do business with!

Eddie Arriaga

Unique Auto Spa

The performance of the instructor was excellent. I was able to ask him a lot of questions and he was very professional in answering them. is excellent. I wish to do more business with you.

Tom Bailey

Auto Runners

I really enjoyed the fact that the instructors were available and willing to answer questions based on experience. I love’s professionalism and eagerness to help in any way.

Mike Morgan

Auto Haven Mobile Detail

The trainer was an excellent instructor with great student/teacher interaction. Thank you for allowing me to feel confident in my new business venture.

Jim Hauer

I just wanted to say thanks for the assist the other day. Your support got me through the job a lot more efficiently and your explanation of the process was very helpful.

Tom O’Keeffe

Tom’s Mobile Detail

Not one word could describe how great your company is. The training classes have really helped me to develop a strong work ethic. It's so much easier to offer services when I have the proper skills.

Leonard Shockey

Willow Hills Auto Detail knows the business well. Any question I have is always followed up by an informed answer. I'm very happy with how friendly and helpful the staff is.

Steve Ballard

Auto Color Match

I think the course was A +. The instructor was very, very patient. is excellent. I would recommend your Paintless Dent Repair course to others. My best class yet.

Harland Massey

Massey Auto Sales, LLC

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and all of the staff at…From the first phone call all the way through the class you were all professionals. I did a lot of research before deciding on, you are definitely a cut above the rest…This professionalism has made a long time customer out of me.

Robert Ward

The Dent M.D.

I appreciated the instructor's attention to detail in making sure that I understood the importance of properly repairing dents. He was great at showing and explaining dent removal techniques and dent situations. My first impression of was the professional looking website. Seeing the operation first hand really showed me they back up what they say.

John William Drexel

The DentFixer Company

Thanks again for everything. Carl and I have already started to put into place some of the things we've learned. Thanks again for all the ideas and helpful hints for making our business better.

Frank Bazemore

Pro Shine

The trainer was very patient. I received a very good understanding of Windshield Repair. is excellent for anyone who's about to start a detailing business with add-on services. Keep up the good work.

Freddie Phillips

Great Interior Repair and Windshield Repair classes. Very good equipment, great hands-on training experience. The Instructors really know their stuff. Any trouble spots I had were corrected through the trainer showing me how to do it properly. has a very professional program. I was impressed by the whole staff. The professionalism at the actual training class is what earned return business from me.

Brian Schamma

Getting trained by someone who successfully runs their own business was a positive thing for me. After a week of paintless dent repair training, I feel very confident that with a little more practice and determination I can definitely do clean dents. gave me just what I imagined, a very good hands-on paintless dent removal training experience.

Ronald Herrera

I learned a lot of things that I did not know prior to attending the detailing course. The detailing equipment works wonders. The trainer watched over each student and let us know what was right and wrong. There was plenty of time to do actual hands-on detailing. I had looked other is the place for me.

Art Corona

Keen Mobile Detail

I felt that the instructor was very knowledgeable and professional. His friendly approach made the instruction enjoyable. I have been favorably impressed with the company and its products. I like the feeling of support that they provide until I have an opportunity to develop confidence in myself.

Leslie Albritton

Star-Chip Windshield Repair

I feel that the training course covered everything I needed for starting my business. The trainer was excellent. He kept us busy and working hard so we'd learn all the procedures. is a very professional company that is dedicated to making sure that their students/customers succeed.

Josh Vanderwall

El maestro es un muy profesional y sabe como explicar tiene mucho verbo para hablar y estoy contento con lo que me explico. Rightlook es una compania seria que tiene mucho futoro y son profesionales. Gracias por su entrenamiento. Gracias por su curso.

Jesus Hernandez

I can't think of one thing that needs improvement in your training courses. Your instructors do a great job! They are well organized in their approach and knowledgeable about techniques. They gets you thinking about how to do the job without being told. has a great customer service approach. My emails are always responded to promptly. Everyone has a sincere desire to make sure the training was meeting my expectations - and it did. I feel confident to get started in my own detailing business.

Doug Goble

As a newcomer to the auto detailing industry, I was able to share what foresees in the future of professional auto reconditioning. My partner and I are excited to be in association with an industry leader who is doing all the research on chemicals and add-on services, and makes it available to the upcoming professional without oneself having to conduct extensive research and minimizing if not eliminating the trial and errors associated with detailing. My partner and I look forward to attending the 4-day detail training and other add-on services. Thank you Team for your professionalism and hospitality.

Kevin I. Ruiz

Precision Mobile Auto Detailing

This is an excellent company...well organized, marketed and represented. Everyone is very genuine and interested in my success.

Steve Bradley

Inside Out Reconditioning has a very professional training center. Their instructors are very descriptive, courteous and professional. They challenge the students to help them improve their skill and confidence level.

Robert Earley

Todey Chevrolet

Your trainer has great character and professionalism. He makes sure you understand what is going on before the hands-on training. I would definitely recommend your training to anybody I know who's interested in auto detailing.

Garry Burianek


I have been completely satisfied with the effort the staff goes through to ensure the students are well taken care of. I look forward to coming back in the future for more classes.

Mike McAloon

McAloon’s Auto Refinishing

The instructor was knowledgeable, patient, helpful and concerned about the students questions or concerns. I believe your company is definitely doing the RIGHT thing. I believe you promote professionalism and quality performance. I will recommend your company to anyone who may be interested in getting the RIGHT training in the field of services you provide.

Michael D. Miller

Color Match

The detail trainer is very knowledgeable of what he is doing. He's very informative and will not hesitate to tell you that you are doing something wrong. I was very impressed with from the first time I visited the website to the time training ended. I would not hesitate to give reference to someone looking for a great auto detail training course.

Richard Cox

The instruction was very technical, but the instructor made sure each student was taken care of. (He was) very good at preparing us for real world instruction. He also explained every aspect of PDR perfectly. This was a professional and very helpful training class. I had a good impression of all the way through.

Ron Johnson

The overall quality of the automotive detail training was excellent...very thorough. You've got great trainers with a good mix of knowledge and experience. They really kept it fun. I am extremely impressed with your company. I plan to use this detailing system I've learned in my shop. I feel that using these techniques will greatly increase my revenue.

Dan Cleator

Pro Sports Club

The instructors seem to adapt very well to each student. appears to be a very good company to do business with.

Jamie L. Allison

J & J Automotive Appearance Specialties

The instructor was very professional and direct. He has a great sense of humor and is a super nice person.

Brent Horne

Bumper 2 Bumper

Honestly, the whole course was very helpful and the skills I've learned in the past 4 days have been amazing. I personally don't think you need to improve the course at all. The instructor was great from top to bottom. He was a guy that really cracked the whip and knew his stuff, which helped. is probably one of the best companies for this type of work. has really helped improve my skills as well as my attitude towards the whole company.

Chris Meyer

Luxury Mobile Detailing

The PDR instructor was a great trainer as well as an overall good guy. He made the course interesting and enjoyable, as well as informative. He was very thorough and professional. He took time with each student to make sure we understood how to access the dent and remove it. Everyone I dealt with at was courteous and did their best to help and answer any question I had. I will definitely recommend to anyone interested in automotive refinishing.

Greg Kilgore

The PDR training course was very good, and the instructor was great. Not only was he professional, he was able to relate to each of us. is a great company with many business opportunities to offer.

Derek Kilgore

For someone new to the industry like myself, it was great finding a company like to help me in setting up my business. is definitely well represented with its wonderful and knowledgeable staff.

Rick Morgan

Superior Auto Refinishing

It is rare to find 'real friendly' people in today's corporate America. Well, I found it at In those seven days of training I learned so much about PDR, far beyond just the basics. Thank you for your school, your online store, your helpful staff and your great trainer. has taught me so much about PDR, enough to include it in my business and turn out professional and quality PDR repairs.

Bob McIntosh

McIntosh Auto Body

The quality of the auto detail training was excellent...very in depth. Equipment was easy to operate. The trainer gives you plenty of how to inform a client of services you perform and why. The detail trainer was very motivational. He lets you understand the work and corrects problems by letting you know why you should or shouldn't do things a certain way.'s detail training course was excellent. Very motivating. I would recommend it to anyone.

Alex Bailey

Auto Runners

Your trainer is obviously very knowledgeable and conveys this knowledge well. He makes the training fun and this helps keep our attention. I am very pleased with It is exactly what I hoped it would be when Scott and I found you on the Internet. All expectations I have had to date have either been met or exceeded. Thank you for everything!

Mark Ryan


This is an organized company, offering support and a lot of effort toward answering any questions I have.

Chad Riccio

All B Gone Paintless Dent Repair

The instructor was excellent. He described everything in full detail. He was very patient and made everyone feel comfortable.

Terry Thompson

Your training is the best. I'm more than impressed with as a company.

David Zaredado

Auto Finance

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