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Revolutionize Your Auto Appearance Business with Rightlook Training: A Testimonial

Are you dreaming of launching your own auto appearance business but unsure where to start? Meet Serkan, the founder of Lux Garage, an auto reconditioning shop specializing in vehicle appearance modification. Serkan’s journey from a budding entrepreneur to a confident business owner was made possible through the comprehensive training provided by

Serkan’s quest for excellence led him to explore various training options, including industry giants like Avery Dennison and 3M. However, it was Rightlook that captured his attention. The video testimonials resonated with Serkan, offering a glimpse into the hands-on experience and intimate class sizes that distinguish Rightlook from its competitors.

Living on the East Coast, in Washington DC, Serkan decided to opt for a bundle deal, combining four courses offered by Rightlook. This decision not only made financial sense but also provided him with a holistic understanding of auto appearance services, including auto reconditioning, ceramic coating, vehicle wrap installation, paint protection film (PPF) application, and auto window tinting.

While Serkan’s primary goal was to gain hands-on experience, he was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on sales training. Rightlook’s instructors went above and beyond, equipping him with essential sales techniques and business management skills crucial for success in the competitive auto appearance industry.

Throughout the training, Serkan worked closely with experienced instructors, Connor and Ruben. Their expertise and patience were invaluable as they guided him through the intricacies of each course, addressing challenges and ensuring a thorough understanding of the materials.

Beyond technical skills, Rightlook empowers entrepreneurs like Serkan with the knowledge and confidence to excel in the industry. From pricing strategies to business management, Serkan emerged from the training equipped to navigate the complexities of running a successful auto appearance business.

Armed with certification and professional training, Serkan distinguishes himself in a competitive market. Rightlook’s comprehensive approach not only prepares students for the technical aspects of the business but also instills a deep understanding of customer service, marketing, and industry best practices.

Serkan’s journey with Rightlook transformed his perspective on the auto appearance industry. By investing in professional training, he gained a competitive edge and the confidence to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, Rightlook offers the expertise and support needed to thrive in the auto appearance business.

Serkan’s testimonial is a testament to the transformative power of Rightlook’s training programs. From hands-on experience to business acumen, Rightlook equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed in the dynamic world of auto appearance. Don’t just dream of starting your own business—make it a reality with Rightlook.

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