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Car Window Tinting Training

Car window tinting training is a great way to add a valuable service to an existing business or start a new full-time or part-time business. Window tinting is a high-demand, high-margin service that will bring you a steady source of income as long as the sun is shining. Window film cuts glare, reduces heat, blocks UV rays, and creates a custom look for any vehicle. Affordable supplies and a limited toolset mean you can quickly start seeing returns from window tinting courses. provides the comprehensive Hands-On Window Tinting Training you need to start professionally tinting vehicle windows.

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Why Auto Window Tinting?

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Tinting vehicle windows is a technical trade process that requires a skilled technician, the right materials, and the proper training. Window tinting involves the application of a tinted film to the windows of the vehicle through the use of application techniques, solutions, squeegees, and cutting tools. The many benefits of having tinted windows make this a high-demand service.

Customers Love The Benefits:

  • Appearance – Customers love the cool custom look and privacy that window tinting gives to their vehicle.
  • UV Protection – Prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful to the skin and window tint has been shown to protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Increased Efficiency – Window tint keeps the interior cool, meaning you can use your A/C less frequently and save gas.
  • Interior Protection – Window film will prevent the vehicle interior, leather, upholstery, and vinyl from fading due to sun exposure.

4 Reasons Pros Love Tint:

High Demand

Window tinting will always be a popular add-on with car owners because of the many benefits.

Unlimited Market

Since Tint is a highly valuable automotive styling service. The market for Tinting services is unlimited. Literally every vehicle owner is a potential window tint customer!

Fast Installs

Many installations can be completed in less than few hours and require just a few tools and materials.

Easy Cross Sell

Window tinting is a great service to cross sell to customers and is the perfect add-on to an existing business.

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