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Color Change Wrap School Testimonial by Andy Sellers

With the goal of starting his own business, Andy Sellers from Sacramento, California chose to attend the Color Change Wrap School. This hands-on training program teaches the fundamentals of color change wrap installation and is perfect for anyone looking to learn a new skill.

“I came here with zero experience, but now I feel like I could wrap and entire vehicle by myself,” Andy shares. With small class sizes, personalized attention, and the chance to practice on real vehicles, our students leave here with the confidence they need to get started in this high-demand business. The best part of working with Rightlook is that if our students have questions in the future, they can always call and speak to one of our friendly and helpful business consultants.

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Hi I’m Andy. I came from Sacramento and I did the color change wrap class. My brother-in-law and I are starting a wrap business and he did research to find out where I could get the best training and he found Rightlook and sent me down here. My training experience has been amazing. The guys here are awesome, they showed me everything. I came here with zero experience. So learning all this hands-on, when you’ve got a question they can show you, and it’s been amazing. I feel definitely prepared to get started. Like I said, I came here with zero experience, but now I feel like I could wrap an entire vehicle by myself. First thing I’ll do is wrap my own truck, and after that I’m definitely ready to take on clientele. I would definitely come back to Rightlook for more programs, probable multiple times. You have a lot of programs and, like I said, I like to learn here. The experience was awesome, so I’d definitely come back. I want to thank Rightlook for not only a good experience, but having a fun time. I had a great time here wrapping this car and hanging out with all theses guys.

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