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Hands-On Vehicle Wrap and Vehicle Graphics Training

Rightlook Vehicle Graphics Training Intro Hero’s exclusive 3-day vehicle wrap training program for Vehicle Graphics features hands-on instruction in all aspects of vehicle graphics installation, from vehicle prep and tools of the trade to vehicle wrap application and post install care. This comprehensive class is a must for individuals looking to enter the vehicle wrap graphics industry, or those looking to enhance and sharpen their vehicle graphics installation skills.

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Check out the features of’s hands-on vehicle graphics installation training course:

  • Complete A to Z instruction on all aspects of vehicle wrap installation, including understanding vehicle graphics materials, tools of the trade, prepping the vehicle, trimming graphics, application, troubleshooting and post install care
  • Small, individualized classes with plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor
  • Classes held in’s dedicated, state-of-the-art training facility
  • Experienced instructors who are respected professionals in the industry and passionate about vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps
  • Designed for fixed location sign shops and mobile wrap installers
  • Training and “learn-by-doing” instruction on actual vehicles and vehicle panels
  • In-depth instruction on installation techniques, as well as tips and tricks of the pros
  • Hands-on practice using professional vehicle graphics equipment and materials
  • Information on vehicle graphics industry trends
  • Proven, systematic vehicle wrapping procedures for working smarter rather than working harder
  • Basics of effective pricing, packaging and promotion of vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps services
  • Ideas for growing your vehicle graphics business
  • Complementary catered lunches during training
  • Certificate of completion
  • Technical support via phone after training

Here’s what is covered in the 3-day hands-on vehicle graphics training course:


Introduction to Vehicle Graphics

Purpose of a Vehicle Wrap

Materials used for Vehicle Wraps

Trimming Vehicle Wrap Graphics

Tools of the Trade

Vehicle Prep

Removing Handles, Lights, and Other Obstacles

Difference Between a Bad Vehicle Wrap and a Great Vehicle Wrap

Begin Live Vehicle Wrap Demo

Vehicle Wrap Prep

  • Remove wax
  • Clean surface, grooves, and seals
  • Remove or not to remove parts
  • Use accelerator adhesive where needed

Material Placement

  • Test fit and tape in place
  • Use map / print out for placement
  • Making sure print is level
  • Using a tape hinge

Vehicle Wrap Application

  • Peel from a tape hinge
  • Squeegee techniques
  • Avoid stretch and shrink back by tucking material without heat
  • Using heat when needed to stretch around hard curves

Troubleshooting Vehicle Wrap & Vehicle Graphics

  • Use a heat gun to shrink back discolored vinyl
  • Getting rid of bubbles
  • Getting rid of wrinkles

Trimming & Details

  • Always use a fresh blade
  • Cutting doors
  • Cutting around handles, lights, and mirrors
  • Relief cuts for stretching into wheel wells
  • Wrapping edges to avoid peeling

Post Vehicle Wrap Install Care

  • Heat edges with a heat gun and soft towel
  • Vinyl strip edges if needed
  • Wax regularly
Rightlook Vehicle Graphics Student Gallery 12


Vehicle Wrap Hoods

  • Getting the feel for the material
  • Hands on instructor help

Vehicle Wrap Doors

  • Working with door handles, windows, and obstacles
  • Hands on instructor help
Rightlook Vehicle Graphics Student Gallery 4


Continue Hands on Vehicle Wrap & Vehicle Graphics Training

  • Work individually on technique
  • Hoods, doors, large panels
  • Instructor inspection of completed work
  • Trouble shoot and correct errors

Training Guarantee

At, we seek to provide the highest quality education and training for the auto reconditioning industry. We stand behind the education that we offer, and are proud to offer the following training guarantee to all students enrolled in hands-on training programs for Auto Detailing, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Windshield Repair, Vehicle Graphics, and Window Tinting:

If, after completing a hands-on training course, you feel that you need more practice or instruction, you may come back to and join a scheduled hands-on training course for the same service. There will be a materials fee to cover training costs, but no fee for the training itself. Advance notice is required to re-train, and the course must be scheduled and have adequate availability for additional students.

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