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Just Do It. You’ll Enjoy It And It’ll Be Worth It – Multiple Testimonials

Coming to for Advanced Auto Detailing Training is a great experience whether you already have an existing detailing business or you’re just getting started in the industry. We get students all across the experience spectrum coming to our state-of-the-art training center in San Diego, CA.

“I’ve come to get some skills on how to better perform in my business…my passion is detail. So now that I’ve enhanced characteristics as far as being an entrepreneur and I just wanted to enhance the business and make the business better,” explains our student Bryan who already owns a detailing business in his hometown of Detroit.

His classmate, Johnny, is just getting started in creating his business with his father. “We’re looking to start up our own business. So we want to have a certificate behind our name to show that we went to school for this and we’re trained experts,” he explains about making the decision to come to do Advanced Auto Detailing Training after his father completed our Window Tint & Vehicle Wrap Classes just a week earlier.

Regardless of the experience levels prior to coming to for training, there is a common theme among all our students: a passion for vehicles. “We’re all here for the same reason. We all share the same passion. When we leave here, we’re all going to be certified, and we all have one thing that we’re going to go after and that’s to strive and be as good as we can,” explains Johnny about working with his fellow students this week.

“I had an amazing time right here. Learned a lot. I recommend anybody that is trying to get into that mobile detailing or reconditioning specialist,” says KJ of his experience in training. He concludes, “Then come check out Rightlook.”

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