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I’d Rather Come To Rightlook Where They Show Me To Build The Dream – Tony Scott Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

Tony Scott came to’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training so he can take his business in Nassau, Bahamas to the next level. He, like so many of the detailers that come to us, has been mostly self-taught. “Originally, man, I was just watching YouTube videos,” Tony explains. “Rightlook helped me master everything that I needed from the chemicals, down to how I use the equipment…the timing I need to be done and all different aspects.”

In addition to helping Tony through the hands-on training and acquiring the skills to bring any vehicle back to showroom shine, was also able to provide him with the knowledge he needs to run his business more profitably. One of the main reasons Tony came was because our comprehensive training courses include information on how to price your services, market your business, and sell yourself to potential clients. Tony explains that back in the Bahamas before taking the training, “I undermined myself so much and would make me work harder for less money, when it shouldn’t have been like that.” Now he has the knowledge to price his services to make money on them and has the confidence that his skills can match that pricing, “I know the value of my work.”

“My overall experience with Rightlook is that this is a perfect place for any detailer to get rid of the name of being the detailer and become a specialist and I would absolutely recommend this to anybody,” says Tony. This Advanced Detailing Training Class is designed to give entrepreneurs like Tony the skills and knowledge to run a successful auto styling business. Tony definitely has that entrepreneurial mindset, “Unlike going to a college that’s going to teach you to get a job, to live the American nightmare. I’d rather come to where they show me to build the dream, to live the real American dream.”

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