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Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial Showcase

At we take pride in being the premier destination for training in Advanced Auto Detailing, Vehicle Wraps, Window Tinting and other auto styling services. Because of the uniquely in-depth hands-on education you’ll receive when training with us, we get students from all across the world coming to our state-of-the-art training facility in San Diego, CA. In this video you’ll hear from some of our recent Advanced Auto Detailing students on why they came from all over the USA and why one even came all the way from South Africa to take our training course!

“I did a lot of research and I wanted to be certified,” says William Johnson from Round Rock, TX. “If I was going to do the job, I wanted to take it seriously and I knew that a certification would look great on my website and on my business cards,” he continues. William isn’t the only one that knew investing in his education and his certification would be important to set himself apart from other detailers in his area. “I want to be better than the rest of the detailers back home and beyond. So I want to come be trained by the best,” says Lorenzo Saliard from Jacksonville, FL, another recent Advanced Auto Detailing Course student.

In addition to the certification, students are constantly impressed with depth of knowledge they receive from their instructor. “I truly believe that I probably wouldn’t have learned any better if it was someone else. Ruben knows how to train a person to use the techniques of the trade,” explains Marteze Whitfield of Washington D.C.

There is a common theme among our students comments when they’re asked if they would recommend’s Training Courses to others. That theme? In the words of Jason from South Africa: “No better place than” Mansa Emanuel from Charlotte, NC agrees. “I highly recommend this class. I think it’s well worth the money. You know it’s really a small investment that could significantly change your life if you put forth the effort,” he explains.

Hear these comments and much more by watching the video!

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