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PDR- Paintless Dent Repair Training Testimonial by Rob Daniels

As a manager of the recon department at a dealership he works for, Rob wanted to add Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) to his set of skills and decided to come to Rightlook for professional PDR training. Working with an extremely knowledgeable PDR instructor and given the opportunity to learn how to take out dents out of a car through hands-on training, Rob is ready to go back home and do some PDR work.

The big highlight during dent repair training for Rob was working on an actual vehicle after taking out dents on practice panels and hoods for the majority of the week. “My confidence after taking dents out of a real car now is significantly higher than it was,” Rob shared. He reflects how everything he learned on how to take out a dent throughout the week really paid off by the time they started working on the vehicle.

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Hi my name is Rob Daniels; I’m from Columbus, OH. I came to Rightlook for the paintless dent repair course, my instructor was Greg and throughout the week it was a tough start; it was definitely something that was new to me and was new to all the other guys in the class and working through it, it was tough, but 6 days in, it was night and day difference from day 1. We have 3 dealerships and I’m in charge of the recon department of all 3. This was something that I wanted to learn and really out of all the positions in a recon department this was the one thing I didn’t know how to do.

My trainer was Greg, I liked Greg a lot—me and Greg had the same shoes, noticed that on day 1. Greg is a good guy, he knows his stuff and is extremely knowledgeable and I can tell he’s one of the best in the business. He’s got a tool in our hands at all times which is I think really the best way to learn. He makes his rounds and talks to everybody and works through the problems we’re having and he’s not only given us real life scenarios but we’ve had to walk through them. There are no shortcuts, there’s a way to do everything and we have to learn it the right way because in the real world there are no shortcuts. If there’s something you think you can’t get to, you got to figure out how to get to it.

He’s not only showed us how to get to where we need to go on a panel but once we’re there, once we figure out the right tool, how to fix it 100% and not 90% or 80% or 95% or whatever. The point where I’m at today, day 6 final day, finding the tip of the tool is taking me probably 1/10 of the time as much as it did on day 1 or day 2. Just having time on the panels, you don’t realize it but you develop your skill and on the last day, finding the tip of your tool is second nature and now you’re just trying to perfect what you’re doing. I guess that’s what it’s all boils down to, you’re going through all these motions and you’re thinking ;what is this all leading up to?’ and you get to that real car and you get a dent out of the real car that’s when it becomes real life and you get really excited about it at that point.

My confidence after the real car now is significantly higher than it was. I still think I need some practice when I get home before I do a customer’s car but I don’t think it’ll take very long at all. Working on a real car was definitely my favorite part, that and the fact that lunch was provided everyday and it was good food. It’s just something that takes patience and if you stick with it you’ll get it. I’m happy with where I’m at right now and excited to get back home and get my hands on some real cars.

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