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Computer-Cut Car Window Tinting

Rightlook Window Tinting Training and Equipment

Learn car window tinting with the use of computer-cut templates at’s multi-day training program. While many window tinting professionals hand-cut their window film, many opt to use the computer-cut method of installation. Car window tinting with computer-cut templates offers many benefits to both the installer and the customer including saving time, saving material, increasing accuracy, and less risk of harming the customer’s windows or window trim. In addition to training for computer-cut window tinting, also provides courses for you to learn window tinting with the hand-cut method.

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What is Computer-Cut Window Tinting?

Rightlook Computer-Cut Window Tinting Training

As opposed to hand-cutting window film, computer-cut tinting requires the use of special software and a plotter. The installer will set up the plotter to cut the material for the exact make and model of the vehicle. Once the material has been computer-cut, the technician will install the material with the use of a squeegee and heat gun and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

Benefits of Computer-Cut Window Tinting:

  • Save Time – Hand-cutting window film is a tedious and time-consuming process. While the plotter is cutting the film, you can be cleaning the windows.
  • Consistency – With the use of a computer cut template, you can be sure that the window film will be an exact fit every time.
  • Safety – Since there is no cutting happening on the glass, there is less risk of damaging the customer’s windows and window trim.
  • Save Material – The software and plotter maximize the use of your window tint, meaning wasting less material and saving money.

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