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Hand-Cut Auto Window Tinting

Rightlook Window Tinting Training and Equipment Overview’s comprehensive window tinting class covers both the computer-cut window tinting and hand-cut methods of installation. Hand-cut window tinting requires thorough training and practice to avoid damaging the customer’s windows or window trim. You will learn the hand-cut method of window tinting during our multi-day window tinting class, including proper installation techniques to prevent bubbling or peeling.

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What is Hand-Cut Window Tinting?

Rightlook Window Tinting Training and Equipment

Hand-cut window tinting refers to the method of cutting the tint material by hand, instead of using software and a plotter. The installer will take a large piece of window film and cut the material to the exact shape of the vehicle’s windows. Hand-cutting window film requires a steady hand and additional level of skill for the material to fit exactly to the shape of the windows.

Benefits of Hand-Cut Window Tinting:

  • Save Money – The purchase of a plotter and software does not come cheap. You can avoid this initial expense by learning to cut window film by hand.
  • Custom Work – Most plotters only offer the standard makes and models for templates. The possibilities are endless when hand-cutting window film.
  • More Flexibility – If the plotter doesn’t cut the film to the exact fit, you may have to waste additional material by re-cutting the window tint pattern.
  • Accuracy – While plotters are fairly accurate, hand-cutting window film gives the installer the ability to make sure the material fits perfectly.

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