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Paint Touch Up Video Training

Paint Touch-Up and Repair Training Video Set

It has never been easier to learn to perform high quality automotive paint touch-up repairs! With’s detailed Paint Touch-Up and Repair Video Training Series, you will learn the step-by-step procedures for completing professional paint chip touch-up and micro repairs. Video training is a great way to learn professional Paint Touch-Up and Repair, without even leaving home.

The Paint Touch Up video training series takes you step by step through the entire paint touch up process, including finding paint codes, reading paint formulas, accurately mixing paint in small quantities and achieving professional repairs on chips, nicks, scratches and bumper scuffs. The series also makes a great training aid as you hire new employees and expand your business.’s Paint Touch-Up and Repair Training Video Set is a 3-part series that includes a detailed instructional manual and a 100-page marketing guide.

The Paint Touch-Up & Repair Video Training Pack Includes:

  • Matching & Mixing Instruction on DVD
  • Paint Touch-Up Instruction on DVD
  • Micro Repair Instruction on DVD
  • Paint Repair Manual
  • Marketing Guide

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