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Paint Touch-Up Systems

Rightlook Paint Touch-Up Package carries a wide variety of professional Paint Touch-Up equipment and supply systems to fit within every budget and meet the needs of every business operations. With Paint Touch-Up systems from, it’s easy for technicians to get the tools and supplies they need to start offering this lucrative service.

(P9200) now offers a new, state-of-the-art Waterborne Paint Touchup System that allows you to perform many types of paint touch ups, as well as full micro repairs like scratches and bumper scuffs. Solvent-based paints are now a thing of the past! Compared to solvent-based, waterborne paint is much more environmentally friendly and, in many areas, required by the EPA. These new paints are very easy for the trained professional to use, and when configured with web access to Sherwin Williams, you will be able to achieve perfect mixing of factory paint colors every time. With’s Professional Paint System, you can perform professional, body-shop-quality repairs without ever having to repaint an entire panel. Plus, repairs can be done in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional body shop repairs. After preparing the damaged area for paint, mix only the amount of paint you need for the job, and spray the repair area with a small paint touchup gun to coat and blend a confined repair area. Once finished, you’re left with a beautiful paint touchup that is sure to delight your customers!

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Now with Free Online Access to Sherwin Williams for Mixing of Factory Paint Colors!

Mixing a Factory Paint Color has never been easier or more precise! With Free Online Access to Sherwin Williams, you will be able to pull the Paint code off of the vehicle you are working on and get the right Formula that you need in minutes! This is a must have for Mobile Paint Technicians that are on the go and need to mix Paint quickly and accurately! No more guess work and wasting Paint product. Get it done right the first time, saving you time and making you more money per job!

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