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Hands-On Paint Protection Film Training

Rightlook Paint Protection Film Training and Equipment makes it easy to get started in the high-margin, high-demand Clear Bra Paint Protection Film industry. Start by attending our comprehensive 3-day hands-on training program to learn the ins and out of the Paint Protection Film business. Learn how to use the custom software to cut Clear Bra film patterns with the Graphtec plotter, and learn proper installation techniques by working on actual vehicle parts.

Call 800-883-3446 to learn more about’s hands-on PPF training program, and to check availability for the next class.’s 3-day hands-on course in Paint Protection Film covers:

  • Intro to the Paint Protection Film industry
  • Explanation of tools of the trade
  • Introduction to using the plotter to cut Clear Bra patterns
  • Techniques for editing and altering patterns
  • Techniques for freehand cutting right on the vehicle
  • Placement of patters on film to maximize film
  • Proper storage and maintenance of equipment and film
  • Step by step instruction in the installation process (covers all levels of difficulty)
  • Proper film stretching
  • Tips and tricks for successful installation
  • Marketing and pricing of services

Training Guarantee

At, we seek to provide the highest quality education and training for the auto reconditioning industry. We stand behind the education that we offer, and are proud to offer the following training guarantee to all students enrolled in hands-on training programs for Auto Detailing, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Windshield Repair, Vehicle Graphics, and Window Tinting:

If, after completing a hands-on training course, you feel that you need more practice or instruction, you may come back to and join a scheduled hands-on training course for the same service. There will be a materials fee to cover training costs, but no fee for the training itself. Advance notice is required to re-train, and the course must be scheduled and have adequate availability for additional students.

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Rightlook Computer-Cut Paint Protection Film Training

Two Options To Start Your Business

  • OPTION 1:
    Purchase a Graphtec plotter, plotting software and state-of-the-art paint protection film so you can cut patterns for vehicles on your own. This option requires an initial expense of equipment and supplies, and some space to store the plotter.
  • OPTION 2:
    You may choose not to purchase a Clear Bra plotter and paint protection film and instead simply purchase pre-cut Clear Bra film patterns as you get business. This is the most affordable way to get started, as there are no out of pocket expenses for equipment and supplies, and no need to have a workspace to store your plotter. Clear Bra Paint Protection Film patterns are available for almost all late model vehicles.

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