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Hands-On Paint Protection Film Training

2-Day Program To Get Certified And Change Your Life! makes it easy to get started in the high-margin, high-demand Clear Bra Paint Protection Film industry. Start by attending our comprehensive 2-day hands-on training program to learn the ins and out of the Paint Protection Film business. Learn how to use custom software to cut Clear Bra film patterns with a plotter, and learn proper installation techniques by working on actual vehicles and vehicle parts.

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Here’s What You Get…’s Paint Protection Film Training features everything listed below. has been an industry leader in paint protection film training for over two decades. Our training is specifically designed to prepare you for a successful career in the automotive appearance industry. With you get better training for better results and more profits. We call it learn and earn!

2-Day Hands-On PPF Training

Our small group 2-day hands-on training program teaches the skills needed to separate yourself from the typical PPF installer into a true paint protection film expert! Receive training and certification that will set the pace for your new career or business.

Rightlook hands-on detailing training world class facilities
State-of-the-Art Training Center

You will train daily in our world-class training center designed from the ground up for the best training experience. Use the latest supplies and equipment and learn in a comfortable, modern training center. Your experience is everything to us!

Rightlook Paint Protection Film Training World Class Trainers
Step-By-Step Instruction from Rightlook Certified Trainers

Our training has been built and refined over decades. Your training is taught by world class experts who are respected professionals in the industry and passionate about paint protection film.

Rightlook Paint Protection Film Training Small Class Sizes
Small Hands-On Class Sizes

This is NOT a seminar. Our training is hands-on over the shoulder and taught in a small intimate group setting for maximum results. There is extensive hands-on paint protection film installation on actual vehicles.

Rightlook hands-on detailing training swag bag
Free Swag Bag

Your free swag bag is filled with training materials and Rightlook swag to make your training experience all it can be!

Rightlook hands-on detailing training catered lunches
Catered Lunches

All lunches will be catered in our cafeteria. Your lunch break is a great time to network with other students and instructors before getting back to work!

Rightlook hands-on detailing training free support
12 Months of Priority Tech Support

We include one year of FREE priority tech support from our highly experienced team of PPF instructors. No matter the situation, you can contact us for support on standard procedures or tips on an especially tricky paint protection film installation job or situation.

Rightlook hands-on detailing training graduation certificates
Printed Certificate To Proudly Show You Are Certified!

Impress customers by showing them you’ve undergone the training to become a PPF expert. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a printed proof of certification.

Rightlook hands-on detailing training graduation toast
Graduation Celebration & Toast

At graduation on day 2 we will celebrate your success with Rightlook Staff and toast to your future success before you head off on your exciting new career or business!

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Your 2-Day Hands-On Training Outline

Day 1: Intro To Paint Protection Film

On the first day, you’ll be introduced to the basics of paint protection film and become familiar with the materials, equipment, and processes you will use throughout the 2-day PPF training course. You’ll also gain an understanding of the business side of paint protection film.

Understanding Concepts
You’ll start by learning the concepts of how paint protection film is applied to the vehicle. Identification of impact points such as mirrors, hoods, bumpers, etc. as well as learning how application of PPF differs in each area. Both wraparound & bikini cut methods of installation are taught in class. You will also work with a plotter and plotter software so you are familiar on how to operate that equipment as well.

Business Operation & Selling
Once you have the foundation of knowledge on paint protection film you will move on to understanding how to price your service and make money on your installation jobs. You’ll learn how to adjust your pricing based on considerations such as the customer’s vehicle, film cost, installation time & more. You’ll also learn to integrate additional services such as detail, paint correction, ceramic coating, etc. in your selling process to upsell & cross-sell and increase your revenue per job.

Material Prep & Trimming
Understanding how to prep your paint protection film is a key component of being able to work efficiently during your install. Measuring and laying the film to the fit of the car, properly scoring the film for a clean install and understanding the stretch ratios of the film for vehicle sizing are all crucial parts of the install taught on day 1.

Day 2: Paint Protection Film Installation, Troubleshooting & Graduation

Your hands-on installation of paint protection film continues as you pick up where you left off. Typically, on day 2, you will work on installing the film to larger panels and tricky areas of your in-class vehicle.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
You’ll work with your instructor and classmates to identify any issues and correcting them especially in tricky areas such as mirrors, door handles, jambs and more. After making sure the paint protection film is installed properly in all areas you’ll learn how to educate your clients on PPF maintenance, giving you another area to potentially upsell your clients.

Review & Graduation Celebration
Congrats! You are now Certified in Paint Protection Film! With the hands-on paint protection film training and knowledge you’ve gained during your 2-day course you’re well on your way! Cheers to your future new business or career!

Training Guarantee

At, we seek to provide the highest quality education and training for the auto reconditioning industry. We stand behind the education that we offer, and are proud to offer the following training guarantee to all students enrolled in hands-on training programs for Auto Detailing, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Windshield Repair, Vehicle Wrap, and Window Tinting:

If, after completing a hands-on training course, you feel that you need more practice or instruction, you may come back to and join a scheduled hands-on training course for the same service. There will be a materials fee to cover training costs, but no fee for the training itself. Advance notice is required to re-train, and the course must be scheduled and have adequate availability for additional students.

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Rightlook Paint Protection Film Plotter Computer Cut Training

Learn Multiple Cutting Techniques!

  • Computer Cut:

    Gain experience using a plotter and plotter software to map out your paint protection film material for the vehicle you will be working with. Using a plotter can save you time & money over the long term.

  • Freehand Cut:

    Learn the art of freehand cutting your paint protection film. Knowing how to freehand cut film gives you the flexibility to operate without a plotter and is a cost-effective way to get your business started.

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