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Wheel Repair System

Rightlook Wheel Repair Package’s exclusive WheelRight™ System is a must-have for any Wheel Repair professional. The WheelRight™ machine replicates the action of both a lathe and a rotary indexing machine, providing top-quality repairs in a fraction of the time. Most repairs are completed in about 30 minutes!

Benefits of the WheelRight™ System:

  • The WheelRight™ rotates the wheel for you with just a click of the foot pedal.  There is no need to bend and reach as you tackle tough wheel repair jobs.
  • The WheelRight™ provides for a superior quality repair that far exceeds those done with traditional Wheel Repair techniques.
  • The WheelRight™ allows repairs to be done in less time and without removing the wheels or tires from the vehicle, making other time-consuming Wheel Repair techniques obsolete.
  • With the WheelRight™, most repairs can be completed in about 30 minutes per wheel! also has a complete Wheel Repair equipment package that contains everything you need to get started in this lucrative industry!

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