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Rightlook Online Alloy Wheel Repair Training

Alloy Wheel Repair Training – Available Instantly Online!

Don’t have time for hands-on training? No problem! now offers our complete wheel repair training class in a comprehensive video course available instantly online. Learn from our own expert wheel repair instructors with professional, step-by-step training available from the comfort of your home – or anywhere you have internet access.

Become a Wheel Repair Expert

  • 9 High Quality Video Modules
  • Step-By-Step Instruction from
    Rightlook-Certified Trainers
  • Easy to Use Online Video Interface
  • Latest Industry Procedures and Techniques

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Purchase Instructions:

1. Register A New Account To gain access to your online training course, you are first required to create a new account for our online video platform. From the login screen, click the button labeled “Create New Account” and enter your information to register a new account. New users should automatically be forwarded to the online platform upon registration. Once registered, you can return to the top of this page at any time and click “login here” to sign in with your username and password.

2. Access the Online Catalog Once you register / login you will have access to our online video platform. The instructions on the page will advise you to access the “Catalog” tab to choose and purchase the online training course of your choice.

3. Billing and Checkout From the online catalog, locate your desired program in the list of available courses, and click “Add and Checkout” to the left of the course title. You will then be shown a form for billing information. Fill this form and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

4. Course Access Congratulations! You have now purchased a online training system. Once you have completed billing, you should be directed back to the online video homescreen. Scroll to the bottom of the page below the bulletins and you will be provided access to the entire training course. Happy training!

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Alloy Wheel Repair Video Training Benefits

The Rightlook Difference has been an industry leader in auto reconditioning training for over a decade. Our online wheel repair training provides step-by-step instruction in the latest wheel and rim repair techniques. Our online training shows you how to deliver the “wow factor” for better results and higher profits.

Wheel Repair Training from A to Z

Everything you need to become a wheel repair professional is covered in our online training program. Modeled after our live hands-on training course, our new video-based online system provides comprehensive instruction videos that you can view at your own pace, and easily find and review later.

Bonus Features

  • Training Workbook
    You’ll never fall behind with our detailed wheel repair training workbook. With this workbook you can follow along and test your knowledge as you move through the course.
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion
    Show customers you’ve taken the time to become the best. Every student will receive a personalized and printable certificate of completion once the course is finished.

Be the Best

The proper training will separate your business from 99% of other wheel repair technicians. At the end of this thorough, professional wheel repair class you will be able to produce superior results, get more customers, and tackle any wheel repair job with confidence.

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9 Alloy Wheel Repair Training Modules

Module 1: Intro to Wheel Repair

This module provides an overall introduction to Wheel Repair, a specialized process that focuses on repairing cosmetic wheel damage.

Module 2: Understanding the WheelRight System

Learn more about Rightlook’s exclusive WheelRight System, a machine that makes wheel repair easier and faster for any technician. The module also covers other equipment and chemicals used throughout the repair as well as safety issues regarding said equipment and chemicals.

Module 3: Color Theory and Paint Matching

Proper paint matching is a vital part of every wheel repair. This module will cover wheel colors, paint matching techniques, base boat and clear coat applications, and more.

Module 4: Customer Interview and Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections are an essential first step to every and any wheel repair job. This module will cover the 3 major goals of a vehicle inspection and will provide a complete step-by-step guide of a proper vehicle inspection.

Module 5: Setup and Preparation

Proper set up and preparation ensures safety and faster repairs. Included in this module is information on proper procedures as to how to set up the WheelRight machine as well as other wheel repair equipment.

Module 6: Repairing Bead Damage

Bead repair is the most common type of cosmetic wheel repair. In this module, topic covered will include: identifying and assessing bead damage, “breaking down” damage, and resurfacing and sanding the bead.

Module 7: Repairing Face Damage

Although bead damage is more common when it comes to wheel repair, it is also important to understand how to repair the face of a wheel. You will learn the overall process of repairing face damage that includes how to identify and assess face damage, “break down” the damage, and “feather” the repair area.

Module 8: Paint Application Techniques

No wheel repair is complete without a proper application of paint. This module will teach you how to properly complete a wheel repair by making damaged wheels look new again. The module covers proper airbrush techniques as well as the application of other chemicals to maintain the repair you have done.

Module 9: Review and Wrap Up

This module will provide a complete summary of all the modules covered during the Wheel Repair Course to test your knowledge and solidify your skills.

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Nowhere else can you find this level of quality in a wheel repair course offered online. The entire online course, including all online training modules, instant online access, training workbook, and printable certificate are all included for a low one-time fee.

  • 9 High Quality Training Modules
  • Printable Certificate of Completion
  • Training Workbook

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