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Matte Wrap Training Class Testimonial by Ovidio Adams

Vehicle wraps are growing in popularity and experienced installation technicians are in high demand. That’s why Ovidio Adams, an auto detailer from Atlanta, Georgia, made the decision to take the Rightlook hands-on Matte Wrap Training Class.

Matte wraps are the perfect addition to any auto detailing or reconditioning operation. Most of our students come to the Matte Wrap Training Class with zero experience, but leave feeling confident in their ability to install a full wrap on their own.

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My name is Ovidio Adams, and I came from Atlanta, Georgia, and I’m taking the class, the wrapping class. I found Rightlook because I’m trying to start my own business. I was looking for training about wrapping. I was looking online, and I saw the name, so I started from there. I got in contact with the company and they treated me well. They offered me a hotel with a shuttle to bring me back and forth from school, and they make things easy for you. I feel more confident, because they way they trained me. They showed me all the details about wrapping, which is nice, and will come in handy when I’m out by myself in the field. I’m a detailer, including detailing vehicle in and out. So I’m trying to incorporate some more things to the business. The next will probably be window tint – the sky is the limit. I loved the class, everybody’s friendly, nice environment, and I love it.

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