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Vinyl Wrap Training Testimonial by Tyler Magnan

Prior to taking the vinyl wrap training course, Tyler had been wrapping vehicles for about five months. Tyler benefitted from the individualized attention from the instructor, constructive classroom environment, and plenty of hands-on practice.

Now Tyler has the skills he needs to wrap a vehicle, from start to finish. The professional training he has received from Rightlook is what he needed to take his skills to next level and set himself apart from his competition.

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My name’s Tyler Magnan and I would definitely recommend the vehicle wrapping course to anybody interested in any kind of vehicle graphics, printing, anything like that, any design. I’ve definitely learned a lot here. Adam’s a great instructor, he’s very descriptive on everything, very hands-on and he gives each person their own tips and things they need to work on, and constructive criticism. I’ve only been wrapping actually for about five months, I’ve played with a little bit more before that. I feel like the class has benefited my wrapping skills extremely. Even the smallest things from pre-filler and little things to start with, and little things to finish off with. To even the process to wrapping in the middle Adam really went over everything, it definitely gives me a better feeling about going back to our business and wrapping a car. I would definitely take another Rightlook course no matter what it is. They definitely have all the tools at hand that they need to give someone the knowledge they need for any business.

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