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Vehicle Wrap Training Testimonial by Daniel Lopez

Daniel came to for the vehicle wrapping course and had no previous experience. With professional instruction from Adam, and three days of hands-on practice, Daniel leaves with the experience he needs to start generating business and wrapping vehicles.

He decided to choose Rightlook because it was “one the few places in San Diego that actually offer a class.” His new skills will help Daniel start his own vehicle wrap business, and taking this course gives him an additional boost in credibility to potential customers.

Whether you have no previous experience, or are just looking to refine your skills, you can learn more about Rightlook’s vehicle wrap course here, or call us at 800-883-3446.

My name is Daniel Carillo Lopez, I took the Rightlook class for vinyl wrapping. I have no previous body wrapping experience at all whatsoever. The instructor was amazing at actually teaching me hands-on what to do, and I caught on pretty quick because of that. Right now I would say my body wrap experience is actually pretty good. I came on to Rightlook from the internet, just searching a bunch of different sites. It’s actually one of the few places in San Diego that actually offer a class, and it was an amazing class. The instructor comes straight from the field, knows what he’s doing, a lot of hands-on on the actual cars, not a lot of classroom time. I want to start a business in vinyl wrapping, so this course actually offered me a lot of help on the beginning steps of getting my own business started. I feel pretty confident, I’ve already got clients lined up telling me that they want me to do it just because they saw me that I was taking a course. The class itself is amazing; I actually do plan on taking another Rightlook class. The instructors are amazing, a lot of professional people working for Rightlook. I completely love coming to your classes.

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