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Vehicle Graphics Training Testimonial by Shane Roberts

Shane entered into the Rightlook vehicle graphics course with no previous experience. Now that he knows how to wrap a car, the possibilities are endless with wrapping other objects, such as signs.

Shane is ready to start taking advantage of this high-margin service back home and wrapping anything he can get his hands on. Rightlook’s vehicle graphics training course has prepared him to complete jobs and troubleshoot common issues. Learning vehicle wrapping has also opened the door to many other opportunities.

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My name is Shane Robert. Before I came to class, I had never wrapped before. Now after the class, I can do a whole car, without any questions. Yeah, I’d take this class again, this class was really informative, really knowledgeable instructor, and just hands-on. Adam’s really good, he doesn’t tell you, and talk down to you. He treats you just like you’re working with him. He goes over if you have problems, he comes and helps you with it. Now that I can wrap cars, I can wrap signs, I can do other things. It’s just a second business in a sense. This class has been great. The instructor’s been great with hands-on, getting to know you, any questions any problems, right there to help you. It makes for a whole lot more opportunities.

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