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Vehicle Graphics Training Testimonial by Justin Cogswell

Learning vehicle graphics is completely new to Justin, but not to his business, which provides full service vehicle wrapping. Prior to taking the vehicle graphics training course, Justin had never even touched a piece of vinyl material. Now, he has the skills and confidence to wrap an entire car.

Justin is ready to get back to his business and hit the ground running and start wrapping vehicles for his business and making customers happy. With the expert instruction from Adam and three days of hands-on practice, Justin leaves with the skills to start offering vehicle graphics.

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My name is Justin Cogswell, and I’m from Legend Printing and Design. We do vehicle graphics; we do multimedia printing on vinyl, on ban material. We came down to San Diego to do Rightlook’s wrap class and vehicle wrapping class. I’ve never wrapped a car. I came in here not never having touched a piece of vinyl in my life, stickers is all. We wrapped a complete car in three days. It was absolutely amazing. We went from not knowing anything to being confident and comfortable doing a full wrap on a car. I think the money that Legend put out for this training was absolutely worth it, we got an amazing amount of information out of it. And now we’re absolutely wrapping boats, wrapping cars, wrapping anything we can get out hands on. It’s been an absolutely wonderful experience. Adam Sumner is a wonderful instructor, he took his time with us, he showed us how things worked, and everything about vinyl, it was absolutely amazing. I would definitely come back and do another Rightlook class again.

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