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Why Join? is not just a company; we’re a movement. We’re dedicated to ensuring every individual entering the auto enhancement industry has all the tools, knowledge, and support they need to succeed. The Rightlook Syndicate is a curated extension of this promise.

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  • Build Strong Foundations: Regular masterclasses and coaching ensure you’re always at the forefront of industry knowledge and business building trends.
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The Rightlook Syndicate is Your Ticket to Auto Enhancement Business Mastery:

Master Classes

Continuous Learning through Monthly Master Classes.

Every month, we upload a new master class taught by industry leaders and experts. Stay updated with the latest marketing techniques, business strategies, and trends in auto detailing, window tinting, vehicle color change wrapping, and paint protection film services.


Interactive Live Conference Group Coaching.

Got questions? Want to dive deeper into a topic? Join our monthly live conference calls where you can interact with Rightlook staff and fellow members. It’s a space designed to foster growth and knowledge-sharing. If you miss a meeting you can later view the video recording in the archives.


Vibrant Community Interaction.

Connect with peers, interact with seasoned professionals, and immerse yourself in a community passionate about the auto enhancement industry. Post your thoughts, ask questions, and receive feedback in real-time. This space also provides access to and Rightlook Creative key staff members ready to help you as you journey toward increased success.


Exclusive Member Discounts and Deals.

As a Syndicate member, you get unparalleled access to special deep discounts on Rightlook products and services. Plus, enjoy monthly deals on featured products and special member offers.


Fun Contests and More.

Engage in exciting contests with chances to win prizes and accolades. Be recognized in a community of your peers.

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Classes, Coaching, Community, and Savings

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Advanced Auto Detailing Training

Day 1: Intro to Auto Detailing

On the first day, you’ll be introduced to the basics of auto detailing and become familiar with the chemicals, equipment, and processes you will use throughout the course. Having a deep understanding of auto detailing chemicals will guarantee you provide exceptional results and never harm a customer’s vehicle.

Every detailing job starts with a vehicle inspection. You’ll learn specific techniques for evaluating a customer’s vehicle, offering essential services, and taking advantage of opportunities for upselling and cross-selling to build the invoice and offer a comprehensive detailing service.

Day 2: Prep Wash, Engine, and Interior Detailing

Prep Wash
Learn everything about the initial washing of a vehicle to ensure superior results when completing a full auto detail. Proper preparation is an essential detailing skill, and this process includes in-depth, hands-on instruction and practice in prep washing, detailing clay, cleaning tires and rims, and more.

Engine Detailing
Professional detailers must know how to clean engines properly to provide a complete detailing service. In this hands-on training, you will learn the proper techniques of engine detailing and beautification to make sure your customer vehicles look great under the hood.

Interior Detailing
Interior detailing includes step-by-step instruction and practice in the use of hot water extractors used to clean carpets and the fabric of vehicle interiors. This also includes instruction in cleaning and dressing of vinyl, leather and all the proper methods and supplies used to clean and restore interiors to like new condition.

Day 3: Exterior Detailing

During this hands-on exterior detailing training, you will become an expert in paint rejuvenation, polishing, compounding, and applying gloss-enhancing protective wax and paint sealants. Exterior detailing is one of the most intimidating yet crucial parts of a professional detail. You will learn the proper processes and tips, tricks, and secrets to making vehicles stand tall.

Day 4: Paint Correction

Learn advanced paint correction techniques and processes for fully enhancing and restoring a paint finish to a better than new condition. Paint correction experts are in high demand, and having this skill will separate your business from the average car detailer. A proper paint correction is necessary before applying professional ceramic paint coatings such as R1 Coating. This hands-on training is essential, so we spend an entire day to make sure you leave confident in your new advanced paint-correcting skills.

Day 5: Ceramic Coating, Review, Wrap Up, Graduation

Ceramic Coating Application
Today the hot, high-margin service is the application of Nano Ceramic Coatings! In this training, you will learn the proper techniques to fully protect a vehicle’s finish with the 9H hardness of the R1 Nano Ceramic Coating line. You will stand back and look in amazement at the transformation you created after the finishing touch of applying R1 Coatings to your training vehicle.

Review, Wrap Up, Graduation Celebration
You did it! After five days of intensive hands-on training and learning, you are now Certified! You took the initiative, and you understand that knowledge is key to your success! You are ready to embark on your new business or career! Cheers to your future!


Window Tinting Course

Day 1: Intro To Window Tinting

You’ll begin with an introduction to the basics of window tint and become familiar with the materials, equipment, and processes you will use throughout the 3-day window tinting training course. Knowing the proper terminology so you present yourself as the expert to your customers as well as understanding the tools and techniques will guarantee you provide exceptional results and never harm a customer’s vehicle.

Best Business Practices
Understanding how to price and sell your window tinting services is crucial for customer acquisition. You’ll combine that knowledge and learn how to work efficiently so you understand what it takes for your business to be profitable.

Vehicle & Material Prep
You’ll learn how to remove old existing tint and prep windows for new film installation. From there, you’ll get experience using a plotter and plotter software to cut material to fit the vehicle. We also teach and practice the art of freehand cutting the film so you are familiar with both methods.

Shrinking & Installation
Learn to properly shrink the window tint film and get the correct fit to the windows. You, your instructor, and your classmates will get multiple repetitions in this area to maximize your hands-on practice time and knowledge of tips & tricks to use during installation.

Day 2: Window Tint Installation

Hands-on window tinting experience continues as you and your instructor practice on a variety of window sizes and shapes. Installation of side windows, both front and rear, typically make up the bulk of day two’s practice surfaces. You’ll also get lots of repetitions on the difficult large rear window as you perfect your technique and gain experience working with the tools needed for proper window tint installation.

Day 3: Troubleshooting, Maintenance, & Graduation

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
In addition to finishing the side window installation and learning how to install a bonus sun visor on the front windshield, you’ll move on to troubleshooting. Learn how to identify and correct areas that may result in peeling or bubbling as well as how to avoid fading and discoloration.

Review & Graduation Celebration
Congrats! You are now Certified in Window Tinting! All your hands-on window tinting training and knowledge gained here have you well on your way! Cheers to your future new business or career!


Paint Protection Film Course

Day 1: Intro To Paint Protection Film

On the first day, you’ll be introduced to the basics of paint protection film and become familiar with the materials, equipment, and processes you will use throughout the 2-day PPF training course. You’ll also gain an understanding of the business side of paint protection film.

Understanding Concepts
You’ll start by learning the concepts of how paint protection film is applied to the vehicle. Identification of impact points such as mirrors, hoods, bumpers, etc. as well as learning how application of PPF differs in each area. Both wraparound & bikini cut methods of installation are taught in class. You will also work with a plotter and plotter software so you are familiar on how to operate that equipment as well.

Business Operation & Selling
Once you have the foundation of knowledge on paint protection film you will move on to understanding how to price your service and make money on your installation jobs. You’ll learn how to adjust your pricing based on considerations such as the customer’s vehicle, film cost, installation time & more. You’ll also learn to integrate additional services such as detail, paint correction, ceramic coating, etc. in your selling process to upsell & cross-sell and increase your revenue per job.

Material Prep & Trimming
Understanding how to prep your paint protection film is a key component of being able to work efficiently during your install. Measuring and laying the film to the fit of the car, properly scoring the film for a clean install and understanding the stretch ratios of the film for vehicle sizing are all crucial parts of the install taught on day 1.

Day 2: Paint Protection Film Installation, Troubleshooting & Graduation

Your hands-on installation of paint protection film continues as you pick up where you left off. Typically, on day 2, you will work on installing the film to larger panels and tricky areas of your in-class vehicle.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
You’ll work with your instructor and classmates to identify any issues and correcting them especially in tricky areas such as mirrors, door handles, jambs and more. After making sure the paint protection film is installed properly in all areas you’ll learn how to educate your clients on PPF maintenance, giving you another area to potentially upsell your clients.

Review & Graduation Celebration
Congrats! You are now Certified in Paint Protection Film! With the hands-on paint protection film training and knowledge you’ve gained during your 2-day course you’re well on your way! Cheers to your future new business or career!