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Odor Control and Odor Removal with Ozone Machines

Getting rid of a car’s interior odors is one of the most unpleasant and misunderstood chores its owner will ever undertake. But for the shop or mobile auto detailing professional with the right set of odor control products, it’s one of the most lucrative.

Many vehicle owners think they can eliminate lingering odors like smoke, pet smells, urine and vomit by merely spraying the passenger cabin with commercially available odor control and removal products. Once they realize those products just won’t cut it, they turn to you, the auto detailing professional, for more powerful odor removal solutions.

When you own one of’s professional-grade ozone generators, you can charge premium prices to take care of all auto interior odors, as well as the true source of many long-lasting odors: mildew, mold and bacteria. In many cases, what the owner can’t see is what’s causing the odors in the first place. Our ozone generators are designed to treat those “invisible odors” with the proven power of low ozone doses for air purification and high ozone doses for mold removal.’s ozone generators can be adjusted to treat the level of contamination, as well as the size and type of the area to be cleaned. They do more than just “freshen up” a vehicle’s interior; they actually “cure” a car’s odor problem by eliminating its source through the disinfecting and sterilizing properties of ozone odor removal and control.

Built for years of dependable service, our ozone generators need only minimal maintenance to stay in perfect operating order. They’ll pay for themselves in no time, so why not make a wise investment and add an ozone generator to your professional auto detailing repertoire? Your customers’ cars will smell like new, and you’ll come up smelling like a rose when they show their appreciation through referrals and repeat business!

Browse our catalog of professional auto detailing ozone generators, air fresheners, interior fragrances and car odor control accessories to find the system that’s right for your business.

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Rightlook Deluxe Ozone Generator

Deluxe Ozone Generator

Item#: DE1700’s Deluxe Ozone Generator is a must-have for any professional auto detailing business that wants to maximize profits and boost customer retention. This Deluxe Ozone Generator does more than just “freshen up” car interiors: It eliminates odors and bacteria in just a few short hours or less! This economical, environmentally safe odor neutralizer actually destroys and eliminates the source of odors and leaves pure, fresh oxygen in its place. The Deluxe Ozone Generator is excellent for ridding vehicles of smoke damage, bacteria, mold, mildew, pet smells and other acrid odors. Each unit has been factory-tested and proven to maintain proper oxygen levels.

The Deluxe Ozone Generator does odor control the right way.

Some of our Deluxe Ozone Generator’s features include:

  • Digital readout for accurate setup and operation
  • 30-hour programmable timer with adjustable ozone-output levels
  • Power supply overload protection
  • High-density ceramic and stainless-steel electrodes
  • Virtually maintenance-free with no plates or UV tubes
Rightlook Mobile Pro Ozone Generator

Mobile Pro Ozone Generator

Item#: DE1725

Add professional odor removal to your detailing operation and start profiting from this high-margin service today!’s Mobile Pro Ozone Generator is a large-capacity ozone generator ideal for professional automotive reconditioning and detailing.

Our exclusive Mobile Pro Ozone Generator uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate odor causing bacteria and molecules, leaving vehicles smelling fresh, clean and odor-free. This economical environmental odor neutralizer actually destroys the source of odors and leaves pure, fresh oxygen in its place. It’s excellent for neutralizing smoke damage, mold, mildew, pet smells and other common sources of odor.

The Mobile Pro Ozone Generator is a commercial-grade unit that also can be used to rapidly deodorize hotel/motel rooms, meeting rooms, aircraft, boats and any interior space up to 60,000 cubic feet. It’s very easy to use and needs no routine maintenance.

Among its many professional odor removal and control features:

  • 1.5 grams/hour
  • 7 ppm
  • 12-hour timer
  • Power supply overload protection
  • Gas-filled arc module electrodes
  • Virtually no maintenance with no plates or UV tubes

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