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Rightlook Brand Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Regular leather cleaning and conditioning are essential to help preserve vehicle’s leather upholstery and trim. Keep your customers’ interiors soft and supple for years with Professional Car Leather Cleaning, leather conditioning and leather care products. They’re must-haves detailing supplies for car enthusiasts, mobile auto detailing businesses and professional shops alike.

Preserve and extend the life of auto leather interiors with our premium house brand leather care detailing supplies. Leather Cleaner removes impurities and our rich Leather Conditioner locks in essential moisture long-lasting softness.

Custom-formulated to our exacting standards,’s high-quality leather care products are designed to enhance the interior appearance of your customers’ cars, trucks, vans, RVs and anything else on wheels! takes great pride in offering our premium lineup of house brand leather care products, dressings, waxes, polishes, sealants, glazes and more. Formulated to be effective and long-lasting, our professional auto detailing supplies are always the highest quality— but we constantly invest in research and development to make them even more effective. The team spends a lot of time and energy researching the perfect auto detailing supplies, so you don’t have to!

Quality auto detailing supplies like leather care products are vital for achieving consistently brilliant, professional results your customers will rave about. They’re a necessity for any professional mobile auto detailing business or brick-and-mortar shop. So why not go with the best? And the best is what auto detailing supplies are all about.

Just give us a call if you need advice on which premium house brand products work best on any particular auto detailing project. Our dedicated, in-house auto detailing experts are available to help you make a brilliant decision!

Each product description that follows also contains instructions for use. Call us if you require additional guidance or information.

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Rightlook Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner

Item #: DC1310

Remove normal accumulations of grime and body oils that naturally build up on leather upholstered interior surfaces.’s Leather Cleaner is formulated to have just enough cleaning power yet is pH-balanced and mild enough to clean without damaging.

Shake contents thoroughly. Apply liberally and agitate gently with a horsehair brush, hog-hair brush or terry applicator pad. Wipe thoroughly with a clean microfiber towel. Repeat as necessary. Always follow Leather Cleaner with an application of’s Leather Conditioner.

Rightlook Brand Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Leather Conditioner

Item #: DC1320

Description Leather Conditioner penetrates deep to rejuvenate and protect leather of all ages. This great conditioner contains all the moisturizers and oils necessary to keep leather feeling soft and supple. Leather Conditioner also has UV stabilizers that protect leather surfaces from fading due to sun exposure. Used often, it helps protect leather from drying and normal wear and tear.

First clean the leather surface with’s Leather Cleaner. Shake contents thoroughly. Apply liberally to a terry-covered sponge, microfiber towel or other soft, absorbent applicator and spread onto the leather surface. Allow to dwell for at least a few minutes, then buff off the excess with a clean microfiber towel.

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