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Rightlook 30 Gallon Hot Water Carpet Extractor and Reclamation System

Item #: DE1180-A

Designed by professional detailers especially for mobile detailers, this state-of-the-art product is a 3-stage dry vacuum hot water extractor system and water reclamation rolled into one! Because it was designed to’s exacting specs, there’s nothing else like it on the market!

The 30 Gallon Hot Water Carpet Extractor and reclamation system combination unit gives you the power of a commercial dry vacuum, along with a commercial hot water carpet extractor to professionally clean carpet, fabric and upholstery in vehicle interiors.

This high-performance hot water carpet extractor and reclamation system is designed to be installed as a stationary unit on your truck or trailer, so you don’t have to load and unload it from your mobile truck or trailer. Fifty feet of heavy-duty vacuum hose allows you to easily reach virtually every area of the vehicle being detailed, making your work more time-efficient and effective. The 50 foot hose also acts as the water reclaim hose, keeping you in compliance with all EPA laws and regulations on water runoff.

Call us today for more info! 800-883-3446 30 Gallon Hot Water Carpet Extractor and Reclamation System Features:

  • 30 gallon heavy-duty powder-coated storage tank
  • 15 GPM high-capacity automatic gray-water pump-out system
  • External gravity-fed gray water release system
  • One high-powered 115-volt AC 3-stage vac motor @ 13.5 amps
  • 50 feet of heavy-duty, chemical-resistant and crush-proof vac hose
  • Complete hot water heater with dual heating element, heats water up to 210 degrees plus
  • Dry vacuum claw and crevice tool
  • Stainless-steel upholstery cleaning tool
  • GFI-protected system
  • 160 inches of water lift
  • 125 PSI

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