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Rightlook Brand Compounds and Car Polishes

Professional Detailing Compounds and Car Polishes from are created to streamline some of the most exacting aspects of your professional mobile auto detailing business.

Our compounds help your detail team remove swirls, blemishes, scratches and water spots by abrading a level of a vehicle’s top paint or clear coat layer. Compounds are best suited for use with a circular polisher, but also perform well on minor defects with dual-action polishers. Compounds usually leave a car’s surface dull, but this “haze” or “compounding lines” is removed by polishing with increasingly less-abrasive polishes.

Our car polish helps prime a vehicle’s surface for car waxing, as well as remove old wax and paint sealants. They also reduce the look of swirls and slight blemishes. However, they don’t have the abrading power of compounds and are more suited for burnishing surfaces to a mirror-like gloss.

Custom-formulated to our exacting standards,’s high-quality compounds and car polishes are designed to enhance the appearance of your customers’ cars, trucks, vans, RVs and anything else on wheels! Let your customers know you have the ideal solution: affordably priced compounds and car polishes that let you can achieve the perfect shine every time! takes great pride in offering our premium lineup of house brand waxes, polishes, sealants, glazes and more. Formulated to be effective and long-lasting, our professional auto detailing supplies are always the highest quality— but we constantly invest in research and development to make them even more effective. The team spends a lot of time and energy researching the perfect auto detailing supplies, so you don’t have to!

Quality auto detailing supplies like compound and car polish are vital for achieving consistently brilliant, professional results your customers will rave about. They’re a necessity for any professional mobile auto detailing business or brick-and-mortar shop. So why not go with the best? And the best is what auto detailing supplies are all about.

We invite you to try our extensive selection of premium house brand auto detailing supplies including car wax, car polish, paint sealants and glazes. Don’t be tempted to buy auto detailing chemicals based on price alone. Low-cost products might save you some money up front, but they also can lead to unhappy customers once they see how quickly the chemicals’ effects fade away. In the long run, using quality auto detailing products save the professional auto detailer time and money on every job.

Just give us a call if you need advice on which premium house brand products work best on any particular auto detailing project. Our dedicated, in-house auto detailing experts are available to help you make a brilliant decision!

Each product description that follows also contains instructions for use. Call us if you require additional guidance or information.

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Rightlook Brand Compounds and Car Polishes

Clear Coat Compound

Item #: DC1110

Description’s Clear Coat Compound is the most aggressive chemical for a vehicle’s paint surface. Clear Coat Compound speeds removal of extensive wash scratches, micro scratches, oxidation, swirl marks and many other types of paint damage. This essential auto detailing product is safe for all clear coats and is considered a “true cut” chemical. It contains no silicone, which means it does not hide damage but actually removes it.

Protective durability level: none

Shake contents thoroughly. Clear Coat Compound can be used with a high-speed polisher or an orbital polisher. Use this product only if’s Premium Polish provides inadequate results. When using Clear Coat Compound with a high-speed polisher, operate at a low speed to help prevent burning paint.

If working with an orbital polisher; use Clear Coat Compound as the initial step in repairing paint damage and follow up with’s Premium Polish. As a final step, use one of’s protective products.

Rightlook Premium Car Polish Quart

Premium Car Polish – Quart

Item #: DC1140-Q

Safe for clear coats, Premium Car Polish is considered a “true cut” chemical, meaning it does not hide damage but actually removes it. Premium Car Polish cleans and shines both conventional and clear coat paint surfaces. Silicone-free, Premium Car Polish contains clear coat-safe fine abrasives that polish away minor paint imperfections, light oxidation, swirl marks and micro scratches. Premium Polish is an excellent choice for a two-stage maintenance program. It leaves a vehicle’s finish with a deep, long-term, high-gloss “wet” look.

Shake thoroughly, and then follow appropriate directions below for the application method you are using:

  • If using an orbital polisher, apply Premium Car Polish as an initial polishing step; follow with an application of one of’s protective products.
  • If using a high-speed polisher, apply Premium Car Polish with a foam cutting pad at low speed; follow with a protective product.

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