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Rightlook Brand Boat & RV Detailing Products

Expand your mobile auto detailing or shop business by adding boat cleaning and RV cleaning to your services menu. We offer a variety of premium house brand boat care, boat restoration, boat protection and boat maintenance products to make boat detailing quick and easy for your team.

For the finest boat and RV care and detailing supplies, depend on for effective, affordably priced solutions.’s boat cleaning, boat care and RV cleaning products are specifically formulated to our exacting standards. takes great pride in offering our premium line of house brand boat and RV waxes and polishes. Formulated to be effective and long-lasting, our professional boat and RV detailing supplies are always the highest quality— but we constantly invest in research and development to make them even more effective. The team spends a lot of time and energy researching the perfect boat and RV detailing supplies, so you don’t have to!

Quality boat and RV detailing supplies like clay bars and lubricants are vital for achieving consistently brilliant, professional results your customers will rave about. They’re a necessity for any professional mobile detailing business or brick-and-mortar shop. So why not go with the best? And the best is what boat and RV detailing supplies are all about.

We invite you to try our premium house brand boat and RV detailing supplies including wax and polish. Don’t be tempted to buy boat and RV detailing chemicals based on price alone. Low-cost products might save you some money up front, but they also can lead to unhappy customers once they see how quickly the chemicals’ effects fade away. In the long run, using quality boat and RV detailing supplies like our premium house brand was and polish save the professional detailer time and money on every job.

Just give us a call if you need advice on which premium house brand products work best on any particular boat or RV detailing project. Our dedicated, in-house detailing experts are available to help you make a brilliant decision!

Most product descriptions that follow also contains instructions for use. Call us if you require additional guidance or information.

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Rightlook Boat RV Wax

Boat / RV Premium Wax

Item #: DC1660

Description’s specially formulated Boat/RV Wax protects the finish of boats and RVs. Our premium house brand Boat/RV Wax contains high levels of UV stabilizers, providing maximum protection to the boat or RV surface.

Expand your detailing business and charge a premium by offering specialty services for boats and RVs! Use Boat/RV Wax following an application of’s Boat/RV Premium Polish. Boat/RV Wax provides a simple easy-on, easy-off application. Can be applied by hand or orbital polisher.

Protective Durability Level: high

For best results with Boat \/RV Wax, prepare the surface with’s Boat/RV Polish. This boat and RV detailing supply can be applied by hand or with an orbital polisher. Apply Boat/RV Wax one section at a time, allow the wax to dry, and then wipe clean with a dry microfiber towel.

Rightlook Brand Boat and RV Detailing Products

Boat / RV Premium Polish

Item #: DC1650

Description’s specially formulated Boat/RV Premium Polish effectively removes oxidation from boat and RV finishes. Our premium house brand boat and RV detailing supply strips the finish. Follow the Boat/RV Premium Polish with’s Boat/RV Wax.

This great product helps you expand your detailing business and charge a premium by offering specialty services for boats and RVs!

Before using Boat/RV Premium Polish, remove dirt particles by cleaning and washing the Boat or RV. Apply Boat/RV Premium Polish by hand or orbital polisher. Always work small sections at a time, allowing the Boat/RV Premium Polish to dry. Wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.

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