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Detailing for Profit

Detailing for Profit,’s 3-part video training series for professional auto detailing, has set the standard for video and DVD training in the car care industry. There is no other product like it! This professionally produced training series from is perfect for those new to the industry, as well as seasoned detailers wishing to improve their auto detailing knowledge and skills.

The Detailing for Profit video training series takes you step by step through the entire car detailing process, from the prep wash and engine bay detailing, to interior auto detailing, and exterior auto detailing. The series also makes a great training aid as you hire new employees and expand your business.

Detailing for Profit is a 3-part training series that includes over 2 hours of video footage, a comprehensive 250-page instructional manual and a 100-page marketing guide.

The Detailing For Profit Video Training Pack Includes:

  • Prep Wash / Engine Bay Detailing DVD
  • Interior Auto Detailing DVD
  • Exterior Auto Detailing DVD
  • 250-page Detailing Manual
  • 100-page Marketing Guide

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