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Auto Detailing Water Tanks and Pressure Car Wash Water Tanks and Accessories

Hit the road with professional auto detailing water tanks and pressure washer water tanks, mobile detailing tanks and accessories for transporting your most important liquid assets! offers a full array of affordably priced detailing water tanks, car wash tanks and accessories so you can achieve maximum results with any vehicle auto detailing job.

We offer a full selection of auto detailing water tanks in various capacities. They’re all made of tough, puncture and leak-resistant plastic to ensure years of trouble-free service. We also offer great accessories that will keep your detailing water tanks and car wash systems in top condition. These include a deluxe water filtration system, hose kit assembly with and without bypass, ratchet cargo straps and stainless-steel cargo straps (90-gallon tank only).

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Rightlook 60 Gallon Car Wash Tank

60 Gallon Car Wash Water Tank

Item #: DE1660-60

Tank measures 32″ x 23.75″ x 20.5″

Rightlook 90 Gallon Car Wash Tank

90 Gallon Car Wash Water Tank

Item #: DE1660-90

Tank measures 38.5″ x 26.5″ x 25″

Rightlook 115 Gallon Car Wash Tank

115 Gallon Car Wash Water Tank

Item #: DE1660-115

Tank measures 39.5″ x 28″ x 26″

Rightlook 200 Gallon Car Wash Tank

200 Gallon Pressure Washer Water Tank

Item #: DE1660-200

Tank measures 48″ x 30″ x 38″

Deluxe Car Wash Water Tank Filtration System

Item #: DE1621-A

Enhance your pressure washer with the Deluxe Filtration System and never worry again about clogged nozzles or ruined parts caused by tank debris. Keep your car wash pressure washer in top working order with this new Deluxe Filtration System available exclusively from

The Deluxe Car Wash Filtration System will add years to the life of your pressure washer’s pump. This innovative filtration system is specifically designed to filter debris so it can’t be carried from the water tank to the pressure washer.

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