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What’s Better Than Making Money Doing Something You Love? – Window Tinting Training Testimonial

Starting a Window Tinting business can be a difficult task with many potential entrepreneurs wondering where to start.’s Window Tinting Training is the perfect place for any future business owner to get the skills, knowledge and foundation they need to operate a successful Tint Shop.

Recent student Scott from Nevada is just about to open his own Tint Shop after changing careers and came to Rightlook to get his business up and running. “I was actually in a software company business and I got out of that,” he recalls. “Being around cars and just the industry itself, working with film and tint, for some reason fascinated me…and what’s better than making money while you’re doing something you love?”

His classmate Lupe came to take his business to the next level and in addition to training in Window Tinting is also taking advantage of all our auto reconditioning classes. “I did a lot of searching on Google, and it just seems like when I dug deeper with this company, it offered everything that I needed to do as far as my personal achievements with window tinting, ceramic coating, paint protection, and wraps.”

Both Scott and Lupe agree that the small class, hands-on approach at Rightlook is the perfect way to get the practice and knowledge they need to be successful.

“I mean, the six of us that were in this class, [our instructor] was attentive to everybody. So the whole experience was great. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I learned a lot,” explains Scott.

“To also be hands-on with hand cuts, manual cuts, stuff that you’re going to need to know because you don’t want it to just jump into a plotter to where it’s going to do all the work for you. Because in case it goes down or whatever, you need to know how to do it manually,” says Lupe.

We’ll let Scott sum up this week’s window tinting class as well as his overall Rightlook experience, “As far as if you were thinking about Rightlook, don’t think anymore just sign up. I mean, it’s fantastic. I’m actually going through the wrap class on Monday. So I’m a repeater and I’m glad I am. So fantastic.”

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