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If You’re Interested To Learn About Vehicle Wrap, Rightlook Is For You – Vehicle Wrap Training Testimonial

You don’t have to be just starting out with auto detailing, vehicle wraps, window tinting or any other service in the industry to get value out of our training courses. You could be like Juan from San Francisco who took our Vehicle Wraps course over 7 years ago and is looking to drop some bad habits and get up to date on installing a car wrap.

“Seven years ago, I took the full wrap takeover class but I will say I might have erased what I learned seven years ago,” explains Juan. “I decided to come back because to upgrade my knowledge. And so far, I’m having a great time, especially with Ruben. He’s a great, great person.”

Juan immediately picked up new skills and updated knowledge, even on a service he’s been doing professionally for years. “So about cutting and all that, it was about new techniques that I learned…And we are not trying to use too much heat because you can stretch too much the vinyl, which we don’t want that. I used to use only a torch, but now, it seems like we’re using both the combined electrical heat gun and then torch,” Juan explains about the knowledge upgrade he’s getting.

Juan loves working with instructor Ruben and feels comfortable with him in the small class environment. “Ruben is a great instructor. He becomes your friend for what we do, and makes you more comfortable to work with,” he says.

“So, we will have more customers, and definitely we’ll have employees. So in the future I will send,” explains Juan about his experience coming back to Rightlook. He knows with the new techniques and knowledge base (not to mention confidence) he’s taking home with him after our Color Change Wrap Training that he’s ready to take his business to new heights.

“I recommend Rightlook if you’re interested to learn about this business, vehicle wrap, Rightlook is for you.”

To learn more about our Vehicle Wraps Training Course, or any of our other Automotive Styling Training Courses such as Advanced Auto Detailing, Window Tinting & more, call 800-883-3446 to speak with one of our business consultants or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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