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Go Ahead & Book The Class. It’s Worth Every Penny – Advanced Auto Detailing Training

When students leave one or our training courses they have the skills to start and grow their business. One of the clearest ways to show this is when those students send their new employees back to Rightlook for the same training that they received. Not only does that show their business has grown to the point where they are able to hire quality employees, but it shows the ultimate trust in our process to get their staff the knowledge and skills to do the work right.

This was the case with Colby from Utah. He joined up with the Attention N Detail team who came through our training years ago and they sent him straight to Rightlook’s state-of-the-art training center so he can continue to help the business expand.

“So my boss, he came here about seven, eight years ago. He came here, he started this business. He learned how to do it the right way. He finally got to the point, where he wants to hire on some people, so he sent me out here to learn about you guys and about R1 and the products here.” Colby says.

The hands-on small class environment is a big factor for our students’ success. “The small classroom is just awesome to be able to get your one-on-one time with your instructor,” says Colby. He continued talking about the organized approach at Rightlook, “then be able to–with the step-by-step process, you’re not jumping around and doing things. You’re not having to clean things twice. You don’t have to go back and fix mistakes because you’re being able to just go top to bottom.”

In addition to the skills of detailing the vehicle, Colby was impressed by the business training included at Rightlook. “Really, what blew my mind is just how much more I learned about how to expand your businesses, how you’re supposed to be talking with customers, how to walk around a vehicle and be able to tell, ‘Hey, this is what needs to be done. this is what I do. This is what I specialize in.’ I was just really amazed how well you were able to learn about the business side of everything.”

We asked Colby what he would say to students on the fence about taking a car detailing course and his response was pretty clear. “The amount of value that you get from this class, and the product that you’ll be able to put out for your customers is just unbeatable, second to none. So, if you’re thinking about it, go ahead and book the class. It’s worth every penny.”

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