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Rightlook Is Definitely The Standard Reconditioning Wise – Vehicle Wrap Training Testimonial

We take pride in helping our students succeed in their business goals. Sometimes that means helping them start an Auto Detailing Business and other times that means helping them grow their existing full service auto styling business.

Returning student Adrian McCoy is definitely an example of the latter after having taken our Advanced Auto Detailing training back in 2018 and then our Paint Protection Film course and Window Tinting Training in 2019. Now Adrian is back to round out his skills and continue to grow his business by taking Vehicle Wrap training at our state-of-the-art training facility.

Part of the reason Adrian keeps coming to Rightlook for his auto reconditioning training is he knows our process and instructors are top notch. “Ruben’s an awesome teacher as well. I know how he demonstrates everything he does,” says Adrian. He explains how an experienced instructor makes all the difference, “It’s very different when you have someone with that kind of expertise around you you. You begin to be a little more relaxed so that in case you are concerned about something, you know someone with that wealth of experience will come over and see how I’m doing.”

Part of adding a new service to your existing vehicle customization business is knowing how to price that service to make money. In addition to gaining the skills and knowledge to perform Vehicle Wrap installations, we break down exactly how you can price and make money with it. “Perhaps pricing is the most important part of our business. So with him, breaking it down to us, letting us know what is a decent price point, a profitable price point. It gives you more than that drive that you can get into this, and I believe it,” Adrian says.

“My best advice to anyone is go after what you believe in,” Adrian explains. “Rightlook is definitely the standard for detailing and anything else reconditioning wise.”

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