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I Came For Window Tint, Wrap, PPF & Now Detail – Advanced Auto Detailing Training

Working as a husband and wife business can be a truly rewarding experience. One of the challenges though is getting both people the knowledge base to successfully run a family auto detailing business. Iza & Jose from Sacramento, CA recently came to Rightlook to do just that!

Jose had some prior experience but wanted to add services to the business, “I come for Rightlook look for window tint, wrap, and PPF, and now detail. They’d been helping me a lot, extend it more in my business, do other services too. I really loved it.”

Iza, his wife, however, had zero hands-on experience before jumping into our Advanced Auto Detailing training. “Coming from someone who has no experience, especially using machines or things like that, doing the detailing, doing the paint correction, and then doing the ceramic coat at the end was just pretty amazing. You will learn 100% and feel that extra confidence that you need to run your own and start your own business,” she says.

They discussed the organized approach as something they really enjoyed and how it helped them be on the same page for approaching their business together. Now they both have the hands-on knowledge and skills to fully detail a vehicle and bring the wow to their clients. In addition to that, though, they also learned how to run a successful business. We take pride in our vehicle detailing course not only teaching the hands-on service but setting our students up for a successful business.

Jose explains, “Another reason why I wanted to bring my wife too, so she can help me run the business, especially like marketing and all that because we’re getting training here too for marketing. Things that we never get trained, that’s one of the things too. Because we don’t know much- We see other people doing it but we don’t know why are they doing it. And when we came here, they told us, this is for this, this is your benefit, this is what you’re going to get.”

Iza feels confident now, going from zero experience to ready to hit the ground running in the detailing industry. “If you haven’t done it already, you definitely should come and check out the classes at Rightlook. You will learn 100% and feel that extra confidence that you need to run your own and start your own business.”

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