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You’ll See The Difference Once You Take That Leap – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

The easiest way for most people to learn a new skill is by actually practicing that skill, that’s no secret. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn advanced auto detailing, window tinting, vehicle wraps or anything else for that matter. Hands-on experience and training is the foundation for expertise.

Recent student Michael feels the same way, “I am a hands on learner and I wanted to get my hands on everything I did. Some of the other classes and the companies that I looked into, it was a lot of online and video type stuff. And that just wasn’t for me.”’s Advanced Auto Detailing training course combines the knowledge of chemicals and equipment with that crucial hands-on experience of actually using those items to get actual results for your customers.

Douglas agrees with his classmate and values the knowledge he gained from their trainer Ruben, ” It gives you a lot of confidence. It does make a difference when somebody that’s teaching you has actually done it and then, not only have they done it, they’ve been successful at it.”

In addition to learning about the process of detailing vehicles our advanced auto detail training covers a lot of services the competition simply doesn’t. Paint correction and Nano Ceramic Coating application, chief among them.

“This ceramic coating was a first for me and that was honestly the number one thing that I wanted to get down here…and learn how to do it the right way,” says Douglas. Nano ceramic coating application is a high demand and high margin service you can offer to your customers to set your business apart from the competition and is the industry leader in this type of training.

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