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You Will Be Satisfied Once You Complete the Course – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

When people are looking for a professional auto detailer to work on their vehicles they want someone they feel comfortable with and knows exactly what they’re doing.’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training can take you and your car care business to the next level.

Khadeem from New York had been detailing for around 7 months before he came out for our Advanced Auto Detailing course to learn more about Auto Reconditioning and Nano Ceramic Coating application. “I felt like I needed to learn more than what I knew because I self educated myself and I knew that some of the things maybe I wasn’t doing correctly,” he says of why he decided to come out to our state-of-the-art training center in San Diego, CA.

He also sees the difference that being certified does for your customers. “Now, we’re not just washing a car and drying it. We’re disinfecting it. We’re making sure that the coating is protected. We’re making sure that we’re giving the customer. Everything that they definitely need to make sure their car last as long as possible because we’re doing things definitely different and we’re going above and beyond,” he explains.

This means he has an edge on his competition by being able to offer additional car care services in addition to a basic vehicle detail. These services include Paint Correction to remove swirl marks and light scuffs/scratches, Nano Ceramic Coating to protect the vehicle’s body and more! Not only does this create additional revenue for your business but gives your customer’s confidence that you’re truly the expert compared to your competition.

“Rightlook, was definitely excellent on what they did. They drop down everything down to the key. Ruben was excellent,” Khadeem says. He continues, “I recommend everybody that wants to learn about detailing to definitely sign up here, ask all the questions you need. The reps are definitely 100% helpful and you will be satisfied once you complete the courses here at Rightook.”

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