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We Definitely Learned The Difference, It’s A Big Difference – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonials

Advanced Auto Detailing Training is essential to starting and growing your care care business. It doesn’t matter if you are an established detail shop or have been a mobile detailer with years of experience, our Advanced Detail Course will take your skills to the next level.

Just ask Ed from Atlanta, GA who has worked in the auto industry or 14 years! “Even with the time I’ve already been in the industry, I learned stuff as soon as I got here,” he recalls of starting the advanced detailing class. “So I was like, ‘OK, we’ll level it up over here.”

Hayley from Billings, MT also came with vehicle detailing experience but wanted to learn how to do ceramic coating application and hone her auto reconditioning skills. “I think the checklist was one of the biggest features for me, definitely the step-by-step and how much you have to take this amount of time,” she says of how the advanced auto detail training helped her organize everything.

Hayley also recognizes that in addition to the skills and business information from the class it also put her in the right mindset to go out and crush it. “The setting yourself goals is really super, super important I think. So everything with the hands on training, I think my confidence is extremely high…I’ll probably be sending other teams down here from my other locations for sure.”

Ed agrees, and when asked if he would recommend’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training to others he answered, “Oh, man, just take the class, Ruben is a great instructor that’s easy to work with. I mean, I flew all the way from Atlanta to come take the glass and I’ll probably be sending some of my workers back to take the as well.”

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