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Anybody Looking to Really Up Their Skill Level in Car Detailing, Take a Look – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

One of the great things about’s Advanced Auto Detailing training is that it is so versatile. It doesn’t matter if you have been running a car detailing business for a long time or want to learn how to start a detailing business. You’ll learn advanced vehicle detailing techniques such as paint correction and nano ceramic coating application. We even set you up for success as a business with pricing and marketing knowledge you won’t get anywhere else.

Michael from Tennessee came out to our state-of-the-art training center even though he has over 15 years experiences in auto detailing and has been operating his own business for nearly a decade already. “To be able to save time and still do the job correctly was one of the best things from hands-on training for me. That was the main thing for me,” Michael explains how we’ve helped him streamline his work saving him time and money and making more per job.

Michael’s classmate Julio from Florida was on the other end of the experience spectrum. He’s looking to learn how to start his own detailing business. Julio noticed the difference between trying to learn online versus Rightlook’s hands-on detail training approach. “It’s easy to see things on YouTube, but they’re not teaching you. You come here, you get the hands-on, and you learn things the right way. It was amazing, man,” he says.

Michael agrees that learning by doing was the way to go and also appreciated the small class size so you actually get one-on-one instruction with your trainer. “Not having a big class to where you’re not getting paid attention to was major. Hands-on is everything,” says Michael.

Michael is ready to take his existing auto detailing business to the next level, “Reaching out and going to get training was one of the best things I could have did, not only for me, but for my business and for my customers also. I can’t wait to get back home and get to show my customers what I flew out to come out here to chase.”

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