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The Knowledge Is Top Notch. Everything Is Top Notch. – Clayton Voyles Testimonial

Deciding to become an Auto Reconditioning Specialist is the first step in setting yourself apart as a professional detailer. The thing we hear from our students when they first arrive is that the hardest part is getting the right knowledge and hands-on experience. Many turn to YouTube videos because they are free, but often find it hard to trust the information available.

“I did look at YouTube and there is no one way of doing it,” explains recent Advanced Auto Detailing student Clayton Voyles. “Everyone’s got a different opinion. So I didn’t feel like they actually had a set knowledge. They’re just everyone’s options on YouTube.”

Contrasting what he found on YouTube with his experience at’s state-of-the-art training facility in San Diego, CA Clayton says, “It’s really eye opening to get that much thrown at you…Every day is just constant information you’re going through.” In addition to a streamlined approach to the information the difference of hands-on experience with a knowledgeable trainer was invaluable.

“You can tell he’s got the passion for the industry. Immediately you can see that he’s got endless knowledge, ” Clayton says of his instructor Ruben. “He was just ready to go with everything, so Ruben’s excellent.”

Clayton is already set up to head back to Phoenix, AZ and get started with his accredited mobile detailing business after completing our Advanced Auto Detailing Training. In addition to the hands-on training on the vehicles you get at we also take you through the numbers for pricing and marketing your business and services. gives you all the knowledge and tools needed to run a successful business.

“If you want to do something, you just got to go for it…If you don’t, you’re going to regret it,” explains Clayton about deciding to come to Rightlook for training. He continues, “Once you get here, you’re not going to regret anything. The knowledge is top notch. Everything is top notch.”

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