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The Knowledge Is Definitely There. The Experience Is There. – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

Starting a career in the car care industry can be daunting, especially if you are just getting started or making a career change from something completely different. The best way to navigate the ins and outs of everything is to increase your knowledge base and surround yourself with people who have experience in what you’re trying to accomplish. That’s where’s advanced auto detailing training comes in!

Recent student Shannon was making a career change into the industry and his classmate Dustin is just about to start his own business. Both saw the benefits of learning from someone like our expert trainer, Ruben, right away.

“It’s very informative. He drops a lot of information on you on the first day,” recalls Dustin about his first impressions in training. “I would have never guessed that someone could make a car look this good. The knowledge is definitely there. The experience is there. It’s definitely well worth it,” he continues.

“oh my goodness, Ruben just increased it tremendously in the knowledge level, the little nuances of the detail, basically from ground up. To see and be trained professionally, it really opened my eyes to how things can be done easier and better,” agrees Shannon.

Both students are looking forward to hitting the ground running after completing their advanced auto detailing training. “I’m starting my own business…So, that’s the plan,” says Dustin. “I flew across the United States to come out here, and I will definitely say it was worth every bit of time and money. Definitely very, very informational,” he concludes.

“If you’re considering, or seriously considering a career in the industry of detailing, wraps, et cetera, check these guys out. They’re great people. They’re knowledgeable, but not only they’re knowledgeable, but they’re super friendly and great people,” says Shannon of his overall experience at’s state-of-the-art training center in San Diego, CA.

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