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The Class Was Completely Worth It – Window Tinting Training Testimonial

We always love when our past students come back for another course. It’s the highest compliment when someone has such a positive experience that they come back for me. Josh Garrison originally took our Vehicle Wraps course but came back recently to learn Window Tinting.

Josh has always been interested in cars. “I love working on them. So I always want to get into more of that industry, wraps, tint, auto detailing,” he explains.

One of the reasons he came back after his first class was the big advantage the hands-on training environment gives him over the competition. “I would say a lot of people learn from YouTube. They graduate from YouTube University. And then they think they know what they’re doing. But after researching and doing things on YouTube versus the class, it’s totally different. The techniques, just like the material and how it works, and how it moves when you’re doing the cutting. I find that the class was completely worth it for that aspect.”

He also enjoys the teaching style of his trainer Ruben. “Whenever I needed assistance and stuff, Ruben was always there. And it felt it was never really rushed,” he says of working with Ruben. “It made it feel very personable. It made it feel very comfortable and stuff, too, with him telling us about his background.”

In addition to the hands-on experience in our training courses, we also provide our students with a knowledge of the business side. Pricing your services and how to make money in this industry is not something you’ll learn from many places outside’s state-of-the-art training center.

“I feel more confident in being able to start my own business, now with more knowledge on how to have pricing, how to have that customer insight more, then just being comfortable with myself, of my skills, of now I know what I’m doing,” says Josh about how his experience here is going to push his plans to the next phase.

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