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I Knew Nothing When I Got Here, Now I Feel Confident In Wrapping A Car – Vehicle Wrap Training Testimonials

Whether you want to wrap cars for friends or family or you want to learn to start a vehicle wraps business,’s Vehicle Wrap training course can help you reach your goals.

Recent student Pedro from California started out just looking to get his own daily driver wrapped but quickly realized there is a business opportunity in learning to wrap cars. “I had asked around a couple of times on wrapping My Daily Driver, I got calls between like 2,500 and 3,500, you know. When you have about four or five cars, it adds up. So I just figured it’s a no brainer, I get to learn the trade, I could possibly be in the trade, plus I get to do my car,” explains Pedro.

Fellow classmate Rita from Texas started out trying to learn how to install vehicle wraps online. “It was eye opening, you do get a lot of misinformation or unuseful information from YouTube,” she recalls.

Rita also appreciated the hands-on approach to her car wrap training and the small class sizes so she could actually learn from her instructor. “I never really handled the film in my hand, and to have the five different types of film in my hand was very good thing,” she explained after working with the wrap material for the first time. “The way he tells you to anchor the film and then for you to make the squeegee, the 45 degrees. Having a small class gives the teacher an opportunity to be able to kind of interact with everybody,” says Rita.

Both students head back home with new skills and a whole new confidence level. “I knew nothing when I got here, now I feel confident in wrapping or installing a wrap in a vehicle,” says Rita. Pedro agrees “I wouldn’t change a thing about it and if anybody’s interested in it, I think they should definitely jump on it. It’s a great experience.”

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