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It’s All About Your Instructor & They Got a Good One Here – Vehicle Wrap Course Testimonials

Becoming an expert installer of vehicle wraps is a great skill because it can allow you to start your own vehicle wraps business or add this new service to an existing auto styling business. Whether you’re just getting started in auto styling or you’ve been working in a body shop for decades our Vehicle Wrap Training course can help you achieve your goals.

Kevin came to Rightlook’s Vehicle Wrap course to pivot his business, “Yeah, actually, I’ve been running a body shop for like 10 years, you know, and now we just want to transition over to the vinyl wrap business.” While his classmate Nick was relatively new to the skill, “So I started messing around with it. And then I started getting more into wrap through wraps hood wraps, and it just expanded, wanting to do full wraps and just trying to figure out how to learn the correct way to do it.”

Everyone that comes, regardless of the class they’re taking, loves the small class size environment that allows them to get hands-on experience and plenty of 1-on-1 instruction. “having a small class means everybody got together, get a chance to be hands-on. We’re not spectators, you know because we didn’t pay the money to be spectators. You know, we’re trying to be hands-on before we get up out of here,” says Kevin.

Catherine took the class with Kevin and Nick and she couldn’t agree more, “The small class environment was awesome. Ruben is amazing. So informational. I love that he is so hands-on that. He is right there to help you the whole time. And the way that he explains things, it’s just it’s nice.”

“I feel like if I never came here, some things about this vinyl wrap business or vinyl wrap job that I would have never figured out, you know,” says Kevin of his experience at Rightlook. Nick even tried a different training place before coming to us and after comparing the two it was clear, “If you want to get it done the right way, you just have to do it. You could see from where I started to see where I progressed from what I’ve learned from Rightlook.”

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