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It’s A Good Investment for Sure – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

Whether you are just starting out with auto detailing or you’ve been in the industry for a long time’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training Course will set you on the right path for your business goals.

Ricky came to our state-of-the-art training center to get certified in ceramic coating application, paint correction and auto detailing as part of our advanced auto detailing hands-on course. “Everything I knew was pretty much off of YouTube and everything that everyone else thinks it is. But once you come here, just don’t think about it and just go with what they’re telling you, because they’re telling you the right way to do it,” he explains of his previous experience before arriving.

Fellow student Greg has been detailing cars for 20 years and has had his own shop for the last 8. It didn’t take long for this industry veteran to recognize that he was pushing to the next level. “Honestly, the first day with the detailing class was the best. For us, we learned the most–the science behind the ceramic coating, the application process. The in-depth into the paint correction side of things to make the ceramic coating complement he paint correction was definitely by far the best,” Greg says.

Our Advanced Auto Detailing Training is specifically designed to take your knowledge base to the next level no matter where you are starting from. Greg illustrates this point well when he says:

“Even though I have 20 years experience in the industry, and I’ve done a bunch of other coatings from different brands, this schooling solidifies setting the highest of standards. I think that if you’re going to look at this class, I think you should take it. And come in with an open mindset. Don’t think anything about YouTube, because I definitely won’t be watching it again.”

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