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It Was Always A Good Experience – Window Tinting Training Testimonial

Starting your own business can be the most rewarding thing. This is even more true when that business is a family business like it is for Michael Grant and his brothers Isaiah & Neiko Fortes.

This family came out to our state-of-the-art training center in San Diego, CA from Boston, MA to take their business to the next level. Originally, they detailing students a couple of years ago and are now coming back to add Window Tinting to their service offerings.

“We were looking to do expand, you know, came out here two years ago, business started growing. You know, I started getting a lot of details,” explains Michael. “We got to the point where we were looking towards getting the shop. So we wanted to implement something else, you know, just to keep business flowing.”

Their classmate Gonzalo is in a similar position having taken our advanced auto detailing training course last year and now returning to add window tinting as well. “We started in about August of last year and we grew pretty fast. So, I mean, we definitely want to offer more services,” he says of his experience after taking our course in 2020.

All of our students come away knowing the value of their newly acquired knowledge and their certification. “Certification holds weight, it’s like going to college and you get your degree, you’re able to charge more money, are able to put yourself at a higher standard than everybody else, you know. So this was definitely well worth it,” says Michael. Gonzalo adds, “we charge what we’re worth because we’re certified. We did the training, we spent the money on the equipment, we have confidence.”

Michael sums it up well as he is talking about breaking into the industry through’s advanced auto detailing training and now adding the vehicle wraps course as well. “This is an excellent business for whatever course, you decide to come here for. You know, you get all the knowledge, you know, you get your certification and, you know, it’s a small money in business that can make you a lot of money,” Michael explains.

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