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I Feel Like This Class Is Really Going To Make Me Succeed – Vehicle Wrap Training Testimonials

A professionally installed wrap can completely transform your client’s vehicle but the key is making sure they love it because it’s done right and looks tight.

Kennedy came to’s vehicle wrap training to be able to start his own wrap installation business. “From the beginning, he was very thorough, and showed me a lot of tricks and the secrets that other people don’t know,” he explains about working with trainer Ruben early on. “So I feel very confident.”

His classmate David came in a little nervous on day 1 but quickly grew in confidence through the expert training and our proven curriculum. “At first when you see how it’s done and where it begins, and then once you actually get the feel of the material, and the way he teaches you how to use your knife and your other tools, you quickly build confidence,” says David.

David also recognizes that it’s the little things that set your vehicle wrap installations apart from the competition. “The key techniques you learn in this class, they really emphasize detail.” There’s more detail in corners and edges and there’s really not a whole lot of detail when you’re lying things flat, you know? They really start to realize your work is more beautiful on your edges if you can make your edges look clean.”

Both students flew out to our state-of-the-art training center in San Diego, CA from the midwest and east coast. The investment is well worth it. “I flew out here. And I truly believe, anyone who is willing to invest the dollar into this class, you are going to leave here with an idea of success. And you will find success if you do exactly what you learn in this class,” explains David.

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