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I’m So Happy That I Invested In Myself & Did This – Window Tinting Training Testimonial

Every savvy entrepreneur knows that investing in yourself and your business is the way to grow and thrive. When setting out to start a window tinting business it is also the most important thing you can do to start on the right path.

Thomas came to us looking to invest in himself and open his own window tinting business. “I’m here because I want to open my own business. I got 10 years in the army and then outside of that I’ve been doing sales. I love sales, I just want to do it for myself, versus doing it for somebody else,” he explains.

Like many car care services, the right window tinting training is crucial to helping your business succeed. You need to know how to avoid installation mistakes and correct them when they do occur. That’s exactly what’s hands-on Window Tinting training course provides.

“For me it was like really breaking it down like at each point, so I knew if I did do an error how to correct it. And having the instructor right there, here it’s a small classroom. So it’s not a million people in here with you,” Thomas recalls about the limited class sizes. We keep each class small so you actually get 1-on-1 instruction with your trainer and can truly learn your craft. Thomas continues, “So the instructor is able to move around and if I need his help, I can raise my hand and say, hey, I got a bobble right here that I can’t seem to fix. And it’s nice because it’s is very one on one.”

Of course you’ll learn how to install window tint in the course, but outside of that also gives you the knowledge to run your business. That includes pricing and selling your services so you can make money and provide quality work your customers will love!

“That’s something that I was impressed with with the program,” explains Thomas. “Like we broke down pricing of our supplies, so I could figure out what my bottom line is. I can figure out what my break even is and I’m going to profit from this. So for me it gave me a lot of structure in like how to price things and how to plan for the future,” says Thomas of the wholistic value he got from our window tinting training.

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