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Everything We Learned Here Was Top Notch – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonials

Being your own boss is one of the most attractive reasons to start your own car care business and has helped countless people do just that through our Advanced Auto Detailing Training. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, have a few years in the industry or changing careers from something entirely different like Carlos Gutierrez from Arizona.

Carlos left his job looking to build something for himself and his family. He had some vehicle detailing knowledge but was really looking to learn more about restoration and ceramic coating application. “I only knew about the detailing world. This is a whole new ballgame and Ruben is the man, great trainer,” explains Carlos about his experience in class.

Fellow classmate Samer from Wisconsin has pervious detailing experience but quickly saw the difference between’s Advanced Auto Detailing Training and what you can find from videos online. “when I came here my knowledge from YouTube, just went off my brain and I just restarted my whole thing. Through the whole experience, you know, it was something different from what I see on YouTube,” her remembers.

Samer was also excited to learn about nano ceramic coating application and be able to take that service back to his customers. “Once you see it, hands on. You can see the shine, you can see the gloss, you can see the water repel off of the ceramic coating and you put it on It’s an art. It’s not just, you know, auto reconditioning. It’s an art that we’re doing.”

There is absolutely no substitute for the hands-on approach we take in all of our auto styling training courses. Carlos agrees, “Everything we learned here was top notch. It looks easy on YouTube but putting our hands on it, doing the work. It was it was real cool, was a real eye opener.”

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