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Come Out to Rightlook & That’s How You Start the Business – Advanced Auto Detailing Testimonials

One common thing we hear a lot from our students when they first arrive is they just weren’t sure where to start. Becoming an auto reconditioning specialist takes a specific knowledge base and hands-on experience. When those same students leave our Advanced Auto Detailing training course they are ready to start and succeed with their new business.

Bill from Las Vegas came to us knowing he wanted to start a professional car detailing business but wasn’t sure where to start. “So I saw a guy doing some detail work, asked him how he did it, how he got started on it, far from what this was about,” Bill says. “But I thought about it, called another guy that actually came here and did it and he told me that if you want to get into it and you want to get serious about it, then come out to Rightlook and that’s how you start the business.”

Not only does our Advanced Detailing course give you the knowledge and experience to perform services like auto detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coating but we also provide you with information on how to run your business, sell yourself and price your services so you can actually make money doing what you love.

“I mean, it was a lot of information. I learned more than I thought,” says student Mario of his experience in the Advanced Detail Course. “I told Ruben [his instructor], I feel like in these six to eight hours, you know, that I spent with you. I learned more than what I learned in college and my business degree. That’s freaking awesome,” he recalls after his first day of class.

One of the things that make us proud is when our students finish a course and have such a great experience they already want to come back for additional courses. “The knowledge here is invaluable. Ruben is a great instructor, all the people you meet are awesome. All in all, just a terrific experience. If you have any intention at all in going anything to do with cars. Rightlook is the place to go,” says Bill about his overall experience with our Advanced Detail training course. “I definitely intend on coming back for other classes,” he concluded and we can’t wait to see Bill again in another course. The only question left is will it be our Window Tinting course, Vehicle Wrap Training or maybe even Paint Protection Film class!

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