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Best Money You Can Spend To Learn How To Detail A Car – Advanced Auto Detailing Training Testimonial

We have helped countless people change careers and starting a detailing business. One of the things we hear a lot is about not even knowing where to start learning to detail cars. That’s where our Advanced Auto Detailing Training Course steps in to give people in this situation the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start either a mobile detailing business or open their own detailing shop.

“I didn’t know anything about it besides cleaning my own cars,” recalls student Jesus about before he arrived at’s state-of-the-art training facility in San Diego, CA. “the first day it’s a lot of information to suck in. But I feel like the next days and the practice he puts you on, and Ruben being just so good at instructing the class, I just feel like everything went in so perfect,” he says after having taken the course.

Fellow student Rudolfo had actually already opened his car detailing business and the training still opened his eyes wide. “I was actually doing everything wrong,” he says. “I really never used any of the equipment or the products. So many great products out there to use and I really got comfortable using it. And it made me better as a professional detailer,” he explains of how he’s improved during his week in our advanced car detailing training.

Mike from Boise agrees and was grateful for the hands-on focus of the training. “You’re not sitting there watching a video, you’re not listening to a tape. You’re sitting there doing it. You’re doing it over and over. You get that muscle memory. You get that experience just from doing it,” Mike explains.

Jordan from Texas credits our amazing trainer, Ruben, for a lot of his progress during the week. “Ruben is a great teacher. He knows what he’s talking about. And he brings a lot. He’s going to bring a lot to you,” he recalls.

You’ll learn how to detail a car in this class, sure. But you’ll come away with so much more than that from our Advanced Car Detailing Training including interior and exterior detailing techniques, nano ceramic coating application, how to price your services, how to sell your detailing services and so much more.

Let’s let Jordan finish us out with his overall comments on the Advanced Auto Detailing Course, “I guarantee you won’t regret taking this class. It’ll be the best money you spent when it comes down to learning how to detail a car fully inside and out.”

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